Ludacris was born Christopher Brian Bridges in Champaign, Illinois, where he was raised, the son of Roberta Shields and Wayne Brian Bridges. At nine years old, he started rapping.

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In addition to donating the 100,000 from LudaDayWeekend 2019, I sent my private plane filled with much needed medical supplies, water filters, & personal hygiene products over to the Bahamas! The Ludacris Foundation created a plan to do even more which includes: ways that you can donate money, ways that you can donate much needed items directly from our #AmazonSmile account, and ways that you...

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I wanted to personally provide you a credible platform to join The Ludacris Foundation and I in lending a helping hand to the people in the Bahamas who’ve lost everything due to hurricane Dorian with our #LudaCaresBahamas campaign.

In addition to donating the 100,000 from LudaDayWeekend 2019, and sending my private plane filled with much needed medical supplies over to the Bahamas, we have...
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Big THANK YOU to our #LudaDayWeekend sponsor #BlackAndBlue! Once we saw the trailer for the movie #BlackAndBlue we knew we had to share it!

Be sure to check it out in theaters on October 25th starring #Tyrese, #NaomiHarris, #MikeColter and THE INTRUDER Director, #DeonTaylor!

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Swisher Sweets Artist Project featuring myself and Childish Major. #ad
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Ludacris posted on Aug 24, 2019
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If you have ever wonder if it’s hard to stay in shape while on the set of Fast 9 here’s your answer!!!
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Just another day on the set of Fast 9 in London!
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Ludacris posted on Aug 08, 2019
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Ludacris posted on Jun 25, 2019

Yes Memes

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Ludacris posted on Jun 23, 2019

Savage Mate

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