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  • Luck
  • What is luck?
  • Luck is success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one's own actions.
  • So luck can be either positive or negative.
  • Then, to be lucky, means to have your outcomes governed by chance and not choice, right?
  • Not exactly
  • Lucky is having, bringing or resulting from good luck. The success half of luck. And the reverse:
  • The failure half of luck: bad luck, is to be unlucky.
  • Yeah, you follow?
  • Me neither
  • I don't understand how this word's adjective form became some sort of Yin and Yang situation.
  • Like if you're hairy,
  • then, you possess lots of hair.
  • Hair is a constant.
  • There's no good hair or bad hair, and if you don't have hair, you're not unhairy.
  • You're bald.
  • To wish someone good luck, is to express your wish for their success. Then, why not just say I wish you success?
  • Because to wish luck on someone, is to remind them the aspect of chance. A chance to fail or succeed.
  • It's like if you're about to take your final exam and your friend went: "Hey. Don't worry, man"
  • "You're either gonna fail or pass this."
  • Oh, thanks.
  • I was hoping those were the only two possible outcomes.
  • What else was gonna happen, Jim?
  • Right before I finished the test, I'd grow a second nose out of my elbow and sneeze confetti out of it? [sarcasm]
  • Come on!
  • Maybe if they were at a talent show, and you wen: "Hey, man. you're ready for this good luck on flipping that coin."
  • Thanks, I hope it lands on heads.
  • Then, I feel that would make more sense.
  • A couple of months ago....
  • I posted a picture of my food on Instagram.
  • *Shameless plug* @omnomdomz
  • And someone commented: Ah man, lucky.
  • To which I thought,
  • Wait a minute. I did not obtain this dish out of luck.
  • I did not stumble into this restaurants front doors and food appeared in front of me without my influence.
  • I chose to go to this restaurant shout out to: Donburi on Markham.
  • And I selected this specific item from the menu.
  • Was it luck that caused the owners and chefs to put it on the menu?
  • No.
  • I'm sure they didn't go: "Oh, whoops"
  • "I guess it's on the menu now. How fortunate of you, may I take your order"
  • Actually, I got many comments, that it was bad luck for me to leave my chopsticks in my rice because in Japanese culture sticking your
  • Chopsticks upright in your rice is how it's offered to the spirit of the dead at their deathbed or photograph.
  • I don't mean to undermine Japanese culture, and I know that's just a glorified way to say 'no offense but'.
  • But I'm neither dead nor a photograph. And if a spirit was drooling over my spicy salmon don,
  • I'd be more than happy to share because it's a lot of food and sometimes
  • I-I can't finish on my own. I mean, I guess it was lucky that the restaurant was open at the time [that] I was hungry.
  • It was lucky that I didn't live too far from the restaurant.
  • It was lucky that my parents chose the Toronto area to live in and raise me here.
  • Then, that means, I was lucky that I was simply born because I guess I can't be lucky to have been able to enjoy that
  • don if I didn't exist.
  • But I know that's not what they meant.
  • The state of being lucky or fortunate,
  • isn't even consistent. It's dependent on perspective and who's saying it. Like if, Billie got sick and couldn't go to work
  • I'd be like: "wow man. That's pretty unlucky"
  • but to Billie who just got a Nintendo switch for Christmas
  • He gets to stay home and play games all day, but I guess he's still sick
  • and that's unfortunate so actually it's both lucky and unlucky.
  • depending on how much you weigh being able to play video games.
  • I guess you could have just lied and pretended to be sick. I don't know it's not the best example, but you get it.
  • I hope.
  • If we wish to believe we are in control of our lives and can mold our own paths
  • Then why remind ourselves of the constant possibility of failing to achieve that?
  • Sorry, I just finished watching West World
  • And I've been having a lot of existential thoughts. Great show! I highly recommend you watch it,
  • if you don't mind some violence and nudity.
  • Of course, there are some aspects of our lives that are out of our control and are up to chance and that
  • is what luck is.
  • An outcome not determined by our actions.
  • But wishing someone good luck is kind of redundant because there are all sorts of possible outcomes in our lives
  • caused by factors that we cannot control. If the roads are icy and my friend said 'good luck driving home'
  • I'd be like: "thanks, but well
  • I still need that luck on an non-icy day as well, because
  • There's always a chance some drunk asshole might T-bone me; regardless of the road conditions."
  • Even telling someone to be safe
  • It's a nice and endearing expression, but kind of unnecessary. I say to my loved ones
  • And I know it doesn't make sense
  • Of course you're gonna try and be safe to the best of your ability the factors that put you in danger
  • Or cause you harm are most likely out of your control. Like, telling me to be safe on my flight is a nice gesture
  • But realistically, my safety is in the hands of the pilot and the weather. Two entities that I do not have an influence on.
  • So in those cases, good luck is actually what I need.
  • So, what we can agree upon is that our luck, our chances are
  • Determined by another entity's success or failure.
  • Someone fails to show up for their dinner reservation therefore my party and I get to obtain their seats, instead of waiting twenty more minutes.
  • Lucky
  • Someone successfully purchases the last copy of that one game that I particularly wanted a hard copy of.
  • Unlucky
  • Unless you've willingly involved yourself in a game of chance and RNG, luck is not a thing you want wished upon yourself.
  • It's all skill, baby
  • Despite all this, I still say good luck to people. The dissected meaning of the word doesn't make sense to me
  • But I just don't have something else that's not as much of a mouthful as I wish you success
  • Hmm, maybe we can shorten it a bit?
  • Much like how 'goodbye' became a contraction of 'God be with thee' as a form of salutation in parting.
  • Okay, so let's see here.
  • "I wish you success"?
  • We can just take out the I.
  • "Wish you success"?
  • "You success"?
  • "You succ"?
  • You succ?
  • *tsk tsk*
  • I like it.
  • So with the end of 2017 and the new upcoming year, my dear audience: 'you succ'
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  • Enjoy, and hope you guys have a Happy New Year.

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