With their trademark red leather pants, bandannas, big rock sound and high-energy live shows, LOVERBOY has sold more than 10 million albums, earning four multi-platinum plaque.

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Ready to get back on the road #Loverboy

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Notorious by #Loverboy. #MusicMonday

Loverboy - Notorious (Official Video)

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New Mike Reno interview out now with Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon!

During the interview, Mike discusses the charity event as well 1991's Brian MacLeod charity event to help him raise funds in his battle with cancer and how that 1991 event led to the band's reunion. We also discuss the band's history including opening for KISS in 1979, the need for new music, Little Mountian studio, Mutt Lange,...

Mike Reno from Loverboy (March 2020 interview)

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Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon
Michelle Seitzinger
Marc Lévesque
Enjoy #MusicMonday by watching our official music video to This Could Be The Night. #Loverboy

Loverboy - This Could Be the Night (Official Video)

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Hot Girls In Love by Loverboy #MusicMonday

Loverboy - Hot Girls In Love (Official Video)

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Just Announced! Freedom Fest Colorado - Golden, CO on June 27. Use code: bigones on Thursday for pre sale tickets!

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Don't forget to wish your favorite drummer a Happy Birthday!!

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Check out this in depth interview with Bands To Fans & Matt Frenette!! They discuss:
- When he started climbing his drum kit during drum solos
- The extra color he gives to songs in concert
- Communicating ideas with Mike Reno (who started as a drummer)
and much much more in this 44 minute interview!

Matt Frenette (Loverboy) | Bands To Fans

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What do you think of our intro for the official music video to our song #LovinEveryMinuteOfIt? #MusicMonday

Loverboy - Lovin' Every Minute of It (Official Video)

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