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Carly Shares her AMAZING results!!
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Left: “I was around 102kg and ranged from a 14-18 in clothes (because we all know Australia doesn’t have a standard sizing system). This dress was so hard to get on and is skin tight over my boobs.

The photos on the right? They were snapped just thirty minutes ago (yep after a full day of eating!) I’m in a 12-16...
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Mum of 3 Sascha, shares her Healthy Mummy results!! “We live it and love it as a family, it’s everything I ever needed to realistically achieve my goals and I’m so thankful everyday I found healthy mummy and the app is AHHHmazing!!!” - Next round starts MONDAY - [ Healthymummy.com Link ]
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At a time like this we could all do with a reason to smile!!! Isn't our girl Juzzy INCREDIBLE?!!! This mum is smashing her goals with The Healthy Mummy App!!
"The confidence I have gained from the Healthy Mummy has given me the strength to do things I would never have done before." Join her here, Immunity Boosting round starts MONDAY - [ Healthymummy.com Link ]
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FANTASTIC #28DWLC RESULTS! 14kgs GONE in just 11 months - Join us here - [ Healthymummy.com Link ]
Janette: “The difference in just 11 months is just incredible. I could never have imagine the change around my middle. Before I had kids I had always had quite a flat stomach and a small waist but it completely disappeared and I thought I was stuck with my new body for life.
Then I found...
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Community member Sally lives by our app and has had INCREDIBLE results!! Get full access here - [ Healthymummy.com Link ]
She shares “Thanks to the Healthy Mummy, I have not only transformed my body, but my mind! I've found a confidence and zest for life and a passion for helping others realise they can do anything!!

Life is for living, there are so many opportunities out there to have fun,...
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Empty pantry? Here are 8 DINNER recipes you can pull together with minimal ingredients
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Steph says, "If you haven't made the Peanut Bubble Crunch, you really need to. My kids helped throw this one together this arvo and a few (too many?) pieces have already been consumed.
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Gemma shares, “I have lost 10kg since Nov 19 with the Healthy Mummy Smoothies and the 28 Day Weight loss Challenge. I still have a journey ahead of me. Stopping to look back at where I have come from motivates me to keep going!!!" Join her on our challenges heres! - [ Healthymummy.com Link ]
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BUDGET FRIENDLY and Immune boosting Orange Ricotta Creams! Just $1.60 per serve!! [ Healthymummy.com Link ]
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