LOOKING THROUGH MY OLD ART | grade school notebooks | DrawingWiffWaffles

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LOOKING THROUGH MY OLD ART | grade school notebooks | DrawingWiffWaffles
LOOKING THROUGH MY OLD ART | grade school notebooks | DrawingWiffWaffles thumb LOOKING THROUGH MY OLD ART | grade school notebooks | DrawingWiffWaffles thumb LOOKING THROUGH MY OLD ART | grade school notebooks | DrawingWiffWaffles thumb


  • I promised the art Historian who had this next piece in their collection that I would wear gloves when I handled it so... *clap clap* here we go
  • Do you remember that time when I was showing you this like really old art, and I was like hey, that's some of it
  • I'll show you the rest of it later, and then I didn't... well, well, It's later now
  • Okay, so I believe last time when I was showing you the stuff I left off, oh! On this guy
  • When I was, uhm, obsessed with Sweden and loish apparently
  • So these have already shown you if you want to see all of these old sketches some of them
  • Get really really old. I think like 2006 ish so I'll have a link, boop-boop-boop, and you can check that out
  • *Mumbles* Yeah, those are in another video. But today, we are going to be focusing on
  • this
  • Pack of beautiful illustrations as well as I actually... I happened to find the oldest
  • Illustration that I own. but first let's finish off this. Now these illustrations are, I believe, this one is
  • 2007, and this one is 2008.What I used to do is I would just sketch in some notepads that I had laying around and
  • yeah in the
  • 2007-2008 range
  • And maybe a little earlier, I was very obsessed with pirates and look
  • I was doing the alphabetical order challenge, P is for a pirate!
  • And it's actually a rare male that I drew which is pretty cool
  • Yeah, I drew a very, uh, hmhmhm
  • Woman (laughs) I actually do like this drawing though like the little flowers in her hair and a little foot poking out and the
  • fabrics *Page flip*
  • this one *nervously laughs*
  • This was a little funny. This one I do wanna,
  • I don't know if you can see but I did, I did something very important in this sketch
  • let me see if you could tell
  • I drew the legs
  • So that I would know how long a skirt was that is very important and very helpful when drawing skirts
  • When you draw in the legs that's very helpful for knowing where the wrinkles are gonna
  • Go and what part of the fabric is going to be pressed on or upwards or anything like that so even though
  • This is a very old sketch, and it's not gonna win any awards
  • um, I was learning techniques that were very important, so it's kind of interesting. I like I like to see that. That's a good thing to see
  • now here's a girl, oh!
  • I Remember this okay, so this is a girl that I drew it's like a milk maid or something. I don't know a bartender
  • You know goes with the piratey theme of this sketchbook so far, but yeah, I don't know if you can tell
  • But I tried to draw some feet, and they just didn't look good. I didn't like them
  • So what did I do? I drew a chest! She's standing behind a chest so we don't have to see her feet
  • That's creative. I like that. Ten points for creativity!
  • - 20 points for not drawing feet and learning how to draw feet, and you'll also notice that the hands
  • Are behind her because I was terrified of drawing hands
  • This one I was so proud of I don't even, I don't know if I had a reference
  • I feel like I must have had a reference. You know what this actually looks like a sketch, or is this a sketch?
  • or is this the sketch I'm thinking of...?
  • I don't know..
  • This reminds me of something that I think's my sketchbook
  • But this might be the sketch that I'm thinking of so let's just ignore that but this is really good
  • and I remember being very proud of it the pirate lady um and she's got a little pet seagull who's got a little bandana and uh
  • Oh, no. It is a picture because look I signed it so she drew
  • what the
  • Painting or painted. I guess a picture of a, a noose. That's, that's, that's it. That's it. It's very creative
  • Oh, I see another funny thing that I want to point out okay, so her legs went up. Which is kind of natural
  • It doesn't really look that weird, but I thought it looked unnatural so I drew a bag of money
  • So that her knee was resting on something
  • funny... and more pirates milkmaid stuff look at this
  • The hands, I mean they need work
  • But I am so proud of myself for not erasing them
  • Because I actually get to see what my hands used to look like and compare them to the way I draw hands now
  • So that's very very cool
  • Appreciate that. Thank you past me um.. let's see..
  • B is for
  • Buccaneer
  • This pirate I believe was actually inspired by my brother again
  • I'm glad that I drew hands cuz how you get better at drawing hands is by drawing them
  • And yeah, it has five fingers, which is important, last one didn't
  • Next, this is another pirate, this is inspired by my other brother. Well. I like this pose. It's very
  • Jack Sparrow-esque
  • five fingers again, that's good. Ah here. We have another pirate this time
  • She has an animal sidekick who looks like it's a bunny
  • Who's holding a gun! my goodness, but we have all five fingers good to
  • See I do like the way you said draw feet. It was just
  • Like a flat line, a scoop, and another flat line. I really like that. I like the um, the simplicity of it. It's very cute
  • Next you have a little bit more of an innocent girl sketch, I like that I like the corset back and the cute little curls
  • Another one this looks a little bit more rushed than my other drawings
  • This I kind of specifically remembered drawing the leg too short
  • But really liking the way the host turned out so I didn't want to erase them
  • So I just drew a box for home to be standing on I mean it didn't really solve this problem
  • But it solved this problem, so hey. I'm all for solutions here. I drew a Jedi so we're finally leaving the piratey
  • Edwardian theme and moving on to a sci-fi. That's pretty cool here
  • I like the boots so much that I decided to draw it again. I really like her simple face and
  • These hands are work in progress, but five fingers again. Look at the bright side look at the bright side
  • It's a dog that's a dog as well
  • Next up we have a girl in the long skirt playing ball and turtleneck are those socks and sandals oh
  • Yeah, it looks like I tried to draw something, and it just didn't turn out
  • It's trying to use some kind of skeleton technique because I can see the bones that I was trying to draw
  • You know where you just draw a line for each limb sort of thing and I could see it in the feet
  • This was when I was trying to learn some new
  • Techniques of drawing that because I wasn't very experienced and I hadn't found what worked well for me
  • I'm glad that I experimented you didn't turn out. What do you will and I think that's it for this book?
  • Didn't really use it much. That was the thing I used to do I'd never finish
  • Anything really?
  • There's that um the other one that I have here which I believe is the next year
  • 2008 so this was around the same time is my very first sketchbook I was very young and I didn't have a car so I
  • Couldn't just go to the store get another sketchbook
  • so I found this old thing um I believe a lot of this stuff is from like how to draw books and
  • yeah, that's definitely a
  • Book oh and here I am again
  • Critiquing myself as I go I do like that it.... There's a theme to this outfit like there's these still across
  • Sections it seemed to go throughout the whole thing
  • like that
  • Okay, we have like an archery elf girl
  • I believe these are from like a how to draw a book, but I could be wrong so if they look familiar
  • They're probably from that book
  • No I titled this one getting ready, I actually really like this, I don't know face of reference these
  • I really don't even remember doing ever and then this is
  • believed again from our reference, but look at this hand can we just
  • We just compare
  • the progress in one year
  • Sure, this was with like a how to draw a book, but look don't give up people don't give up
  • Yeah, and this is from how to draw a book again how to draw a book
  • Doesn't mean
  • Her design is so fun, but it's like impossible to look good
  • More
  • Safe or something you can see through it
  • This one looks more like I designed it
  • The pose and everything the hands see they're a little better than that last year
  • This actually reminds me of my East my drawing with the knife behind her she's an elf princess
  • I'm like the outfit. It's actually kind of cute. Oh
  • This was supposed to be Filomena's friend. She had like a specific outfit that she'd wear I
  • Forgot you had like fluffy boots Oh
  • What was I thinking?
  • This it actually looks pretty cool. I like the pose
  • So probably used in art books so there's not done yet should I finish it now
  • More Philomena using some kind of gadget to pick a lock
  • I
  • Must have had a reference for this because this
  • Does not look like something that came straight out of my head all this one's cute
  • There's her friend again. So that's more you can see your outfit a little better in this drawing with the weird fluffy boots
  • I don't know because they were in the future I assume that they weird weird clothes
  • So I mean again, I really like that that is cute
  • Very cute. I like that pose a lot. I like the way this leg is kind of foreshortened in with the background
  • Yeah, that is really really good. I like that one
  • What princess?
  • Who is back when I was starting to learn how to draw a link rock some wrinkles I
  • Love drawing ruffles and wrinkles because by the way if you don't know. Oh here's Philly as a chibi,
  • Adorable... yeah when I was younger I was really obsessed with that outfit
  • I reasonably tried to like revisit it this was supposed to be drying up my friend
  • And it's just like really impossible to make that outfit look
  • Well-designed because it's just so crazy
  • here's a girl watching TV because it is a remote nerd and
  • There's another girl that's actually left sketches in here. I didn't realize. I'm not sure what this is oh?
  • Okay, this is me my friend, so I'm in Michigan. She's in Tennessee
  • That's kind of funny. I don't remember what this was for of us this was for a poster
  • Maybe I was trying to make her a present
  • This one has some amazing bangs
  • We got to say that oh, there's another another quick one. I believe this is a redrawing of something. That's in my sketchbook
  • That is it for that one
  • But there's some things at the end whoo comics I'm free
  • Permission to drive headless opportunities are now open to me. I can go wherever I want. I finally got my driver's license
  • Yeah, sure whatever you say dear as long as you are paying for the gas. Oh yes
  • Yeah, and your dad left some job pamphlets for you. Good job
  • There was a page too, but I never wrote the words
  • All this was I had this idea for a comic called my life as
  • dishwasher at groom Nellie's
  • Yeah
  • So that's it for that one got this one
  • Can't get over these hands with a cloth must overcome old sketches. I found just laying around
  • This one is pretty ancient this one has to be like
  • Early 2000s sharpie on napkin very original. I don't even know if I drew that honestly
  • I don't remember that could have been someone else
  • And now the piece de resistance
  • I found an art historian who happened to uh. They have this piece
  • That was drawn by drawing with waffles
  • You know very old like one of the most
  • Earliest drawings, and I promised the person I'd wear gloves when I handled it, but here. Let's get this stuff out of the way
  • (You guys aren't ready for this... it's a true masterpiece)
  • Here we have one of my earliest pieces is actually cran and pencil on printer paper. There's also some
  • Very artistic additions to this illustration that makes it very unique if you see the crayon actually
  • Fixed itself to my hand when I was drawing this and there's little
  • Fingerprints where I transferred that same crayon back onto the paper. It's very
  • Very amazing and original yeah, you really don't see art. Like this in my portfolio anymore
  • Handle it very gently
  • I'm actually in the process of moving rooms, and I found this
  • um and I believe it's from first grade, so that would have been
  • Like 98 or 1999 like this is old, man, this is
  • Ancient work of art right here. I don't know why she has the letter e on her. I don't know
  • I Think she's holding the telephone give you a closer look
  • (yes, bring us closer to the cathrine)
  • wooooooow
  • This piece is worth a lot
  • So I have to treat it with the utmost care in a temperature-controlled room. I got insurance on it
  • I'm joking I hope you understand this. Yeah, it's a really great piece. I like it
  • I should actually redraw, this is what I should do. This is quaint fun
  • Now it's time to go put this back into its weather controlled room
  • Anyway, I wanna thank you guys all for watching, and I'll see you guys all next week
  • byeeeeeeeeeeeee!
  • (I don't think we can wait until next week to see this beautiful thing redrawn!) -your faithful watchers

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I just remembered I forgot to show you the rest of those old drawings so here we have PART TWO of my old art I drew on notepads and sketchbooks and other miscellaneous pieces of paper. The oldest drawing I share in this is 20 years old from when I was in First Grade. :O

► Part One is here: /watch?v=KaRCDIVREGk

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