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Look Who's Talking Too - Awfully Good Movies
Look Who's Talking Too - Awfully Good Movies thumb Look Who's Talking Too - Awfully Good Movies thumb Look Who's Talking Too - Awfully Good Movies thumb


With M. Night Shyamalan reuniting with Bruce Willis to have him once again walk over broken GLASS...anyone?...it's time for Awfully Good Movies to focus on one of Bruce Willis' less successful sequels as the voice of a wisecracking infant in LOOK WHO'S TALKING TOO! Now that we've gotten the Christmas-centric third installment reviewed out of this trilogy, let us focus on the second installment from 1990 that brought Amy Heckerling back behind the camera to try and recreate the comedic magic which made the first LOOK WHO'S TALKING a monster box office hit just one year before. And with Bruno being joined alongside Roseanne Barr lending her vocal talents as Mikey's new baby sister (back in the day when Roseanne Barr was a good thing), how couldn't this sequel go off without a hitch? Well, the only reason that Amy Heckerling has made another movie is due to legal obligations with TriStar, and the movie she's got going on in front of her camera speaks of an artist no longer giving a fuck.

Instead of having John Travolta and Kirstie Alley charm the pants off each other as well as the audience, this sequel has got the two of them separating from each other due to tensions caused by Mikey's deranged racist uncle moving into the family apartment. Oh, and also this devastating dramatic comedy of a marriage falling apart happens to co-star a talking baby who gets scared of learning to use the toilet due to a fear of the toilet being a monster who will eat his "tushy". And also, the Roseanne baby wants to learn to walk and shit, and Damon Wayans is also a baby, but fuck it, here's Gilbert Gottfried. That's pretty much the amount of effort to expect from this sequel, folks, complete with a running time that's barely 80 minutes long. But boy oh boy, there are a lot of crazy things which ensue over the course of these 80 minutes, none of which thankfully involve Roseanne's stance on racial relations. But they certainly do involve demonic toys, Beastie Boys parodies, and children nearly burning to death in housefires, sooo...would really be a good time to emphasize the "13" in that rating on the poster. Don't let those cute kids on the poster fool you, folks...these babies run HARD.

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