Longest Home Run In Every MLB Stadium

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13:40   |   Jun 17, 2017


Longest Home Run In Every MLB Stadium
Longest Home Run In Every MLB Stadium thumb Longest Home Run In Every MLB Stadium thumb Longest Home Run In Every MLB Stadium thumb

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Oops, I forgot to add that Sammy Sosa hit the longest home run at the Pittsburgh Pirates' stadium, which is called PNC Park. That home run traveled 484 feet.

This video is a collection of the longest home runs in every MLB stadium as of June 17th 2017.

***ATTENTION*** Before you go to the comments and argue a home run's length or why one wasn't included in this video. You need to know that I used 'ESPN Home Run Tracker' for the distances of the home runs, this is the most accurate source for home run measurement. So if you are using information from another source please check 'ESPN Home Run Tracker' before leaving you comment. Also, if I didn't include your favorite team's stadium I sincerely apologize. I researched this video for days and spent hours looking for the clips that weren't included and I couldn't find them. Thank you for understanding.

Source: ESPN Home Run Tracker, Mitchell & Ness

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