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Loved making this track with Flume and excited for you to hear it. Hope you like. [ Flu.me Link ]
We’re busy in the studio and hope to be back soon!!

LG x x

Flume - Let You Know (feat. London Grammar)

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Very happy to be part of Secret 7" this year. You can design the artwork for a unique vinyl release of “Help” in aid of Mind. Discover all the details at [ Secret-7.com Link ]
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Check out the BRIT Awards playlist available now on Apple Music.

London Grammar: Favourites and Influences on Apple Music

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Excited to be headlining Bestival on the Saturday this year!
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We are overwhelmed and honoured to hear we’ve been nominated for Best British Group at the BRIT Awards. Thank you so much to everyone who has supported us this year we are so excited! #BRITs
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Happy New Year!!!

Thank you to everyone for waiting so patiently on news for our rescheduled dates in Zurich, Munich and Stuttgart. We are hoping to have an update for you all on this imminently. HDD x
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Wishing you a White Christmas ❄ #LiveLounge

White Christmas

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Hell To The Liars – Live in the BBC Radio 1 #LiveLounge

Live Lounge

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Final show of the year tonight in Antwerp!!! Thank you to every single one of you who came to see us this year, and for the incredible support you’ve shown we love you all... And a special thanks to @lomoon for being so wonderful!!!
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Stage time now 21:15

Live Nation Belgium

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