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Why, hello there. You may be wondering what can be found on this mess of a channel. Well, I am currently re-inserting the original music score done by Kenji Yamamoto for Dragon Ball Z Kai into the final arc of the show, so you can check that out. I also put together all the episodes of Kai that had the original music score removed, and uploaded them somewhere around this channel. The music for those episodes was inserted by my pal Hiltonium: (here's the link to his channel, so go subscribe to him: https://www.youtube.com/user/luigilikesspaghetti). I even have an entire catalog of random crap you can find on the channel (just go digging around for it if you really care). Oh, and I also have an ask.fm, so go ask me some stuff: http://ask.fm/sandwichsamurai24. Well, that looks like everything, now get outta here.