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In celebration of Hybrid Theory's 20th anniversary, we will be commemorating the album’s iconic singles with capsule collection releases throughout the year.

First Up: One Step Closer --> lprk.co/store

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Photos from Linkin Park's post

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New Hybrid Theory inspired face masks are now available in the Official Linkin Park Store: lprk.co/store

Proceeds from these items benefit COVID-19 relief
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‪#OneMoreLight turns 3 today. ‬

‪Stream/Download: lprk.co/onemorelight‬

Linkin Park - One More Light

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‪Happy Birthday #MinutesToMidnight. Rewatch all the LPTV episodes from the making of the album + tour --> lprk.co/mtm_lptv‬


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Linkin Park Perú Embajadores made this LP song tournament, and Mike Shinoda filled it out on his Twitch stream (Twitch.tv/officialMikeShinoda).

Have you filled this out yet?

Best LP Song Playoffs (don't @ me)

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Head over to YouTube to watch the final performance from the 2001 Hybrid Theory show. Which song is your favorite from the show?

Watch --> lprk.co/LIVEHT20


Part 6/6: Hybrid Theory Show

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Part 5 of 6 from the 2001 Hybrid Theory show series. Check out two more songs on YouTube: lprk.co/LIVEHT20 #HybridTheory20

Part 5 of 6 Hybrid Thoery Show

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Is This Carousel? Head over to YouTube to find out --> lprk.co/LIVEHT20


Part 5: Hybrid Theory Show

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