The Maxwell Cook Collection is a literary legacy in the making anointed by the blessings of Christ, Buddha and Allah. Leslie Maxwell Cook has been a Poet for Peace, published author, artist, & cartoonist since 1997. Vol.I , Vol.II, MCC-Art,Droodles

Fabulous fifty, Black American Indian/Black/French/ Gullah filled with the traditional respect for basic civility and reason but a participant in the new ageless generation, with no signs physically, mentally, or spiritually of being old. My body is my temple untouched by childbirth, misuse, and abuse. This voluptous, 5"3,47-35-47, chocolate bronzed beauty has short, soft, curly blonde hair. I am proud to be an elder filled with wisdom, who has lived long enough to be grateful to God every day he blesses me to awake and meet the beautiful day, with hope, anticipation, and the desire to meet interesting, respectful, great minds who appreciate life, cherish what they have accomplished,live a life of fellowship, being present, and those who want to have a companion like me filled with a good sense of humor, a old school cook, in the kitchen and bedroom who has always been considered a lady, a good woman, a goddess, with diva skills and deameanor when necessary. I love myself enough to not ever be involved with a violent personality. Tommorow is not promised in my world, so I do not waste my time with voluntary ignorance or cruelty in any form. I prefer over 5'9, gentlemen, with a hefty package that has not hit every bar, and stripper in the U.S. Be a well dressed, hygenically superior man who goes to the doctor regularly and respects his body and will respect & explore and cherish mine like fine wine to be tasted, swirled, savored, and kept in a cool, dry place. I am a conversationalist, keep up with the world and local events, in my retired life I am living a good life, I take care of myself financially,and I am looking for a man who works hard or is retired from working hard for a living and is ready to be with a woman waiting for him to get home with everything he likes awaiting him in every way, a confident man who likes to be told what to do to make me happy, he cooperates in the home instead of dictates like a tyrant, financially generous man who enjoys giving gifts to the woman he loves, and receiving gifts from the woman he loves as a friend, lover, and keeper of his secrets, there to rock him to sleep, play games to keep love alive, speak respectfully and openly to always be understanding first then hoping to be understood. Are you man enough to love like there is no tomorrow and appreciate the finest life has to offer in a simple life, filled with the excitement we make together, trusting each other, not playing with each other's heads but playing the game of life together as a team of " me and you against the world", it will take a strong friendship, looking deep into each other's hearts and eyes, loving deeply but leaving small spaces of un- questioned privacy and space given freely to each other without suspicion to preserve the freshness of being together when we want to and wanting to be together. If it is getting to deep stop reading now...The culture, and race of the man I want to share my life with is Austrailan, Irish, Scottish,or French from a good family who loves his mother and has no hang ups about race and can answer back to nosey big mouths who think they know why we are together. I want a man who loves hugs, hand holding, cuddling, a woman on his arm, does not mind a woman with a rose handled walking stick, who still loves short walks, the beach, green forest areas, sitting looking out at the water, listening to the language of the waves crashing against the shore as we kiss each other gently, passionately, laughing at each other, ourselves, how funny life and people are, and working to know every sweet, funny thing about each other as long as we are lucky enough to have time to live fully and freely. Are you out there looking for me? I am looking for you...I do not maintenance date, I like one man who I can call my own, to love, learn from, teach, enjoy life with knowing I am safe in his arms at night, protected from all the evils of the world. My kitty is Cleopatra, Cleo, part lynx, part dog, part baby, and part donkey. I smoke cigarettes and do not intend to stop, so please have a cause other than changing me, I like me just the way I am, and I want a man who will not need to be upgraded, because he is already top grade because he matured and grew into his own manhood and likes himself alot and he can tell me who he is, can respectfully communicate his needs, and express what he needs to make him happy, and be receptive to actively responding to what I need to be happy, and accepting the reality we cannot fufill all of each others needs but friends do the best they can, freely and willlingly, and have enough respect to say when they do not want to do it anymore. Please do not have a record with a felony,I do not need the drama, I do not pay bail for others, ever, and the jail culture is not my reality. Pleasee be a contributor to living in a clean, safe, home and community. I am active in a neighborhood watch, helping a friend or neighbor in need if possible, even though most of my childhood, and closest friends, and my oldest brother who lives next door and is a stranger by choice of selfishness. They broke my heart in May 2006, but not my spirit and abandoned me in my greatest time of need, after years of the open door welcome to my mother's love before her death, my love and support 24/7 our home, pots of good food , prayers, spare bedroom, money, plane tickets, rides, friendship and favors they received out of the goodness of my family heart in their time of need. I cannot let their actions change my open heart and have forgiven them, and released the unforgiveness. They each have to answer to God, as we all do in the end during our testimony when he asks, "How have we served him, after he died on the cross for us?"There is joy in the eye of the hopeful and the love of God blesses the soul of the loyal and faithful. Someone just tried to break in last week and I ran them off. I am anti-violence advocate but, I will not tolerate violence. I am a lady in waiting, divorced once from an Irish man I was married to for seven wondeful years, then he had a mid life crisis and doubted that he deserved to be loved, cared for and let his family and friends convince him I could not be as wonderful as he thought and he let his self hatred, and selfishness ruin our life by cheating in our home while I was in the hospital, I came home unexpectedly and found her there. I have forgiven him, but I detest a liar, and a cheater. Well this should be enough to spark interest or send you to the next ad. Love, Peace and See Ya Soon, Maybe?

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