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Hello! You made it to the official LEGO® Facebook page. We know you’re all awesome builders, so we want to see your LEGO photos, videos and stories too!

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Recreate some of Tokyo's most famous buildings! Can you spot the cute cherry trees?

Timeline Photos

2,514 likes / 150 comments

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Dave Martin
Gail Callicott
Marino Kosorcic
Markel Marshall
Andrew Hickinbottom
Sound on
This Minifigure dared to enter the Hidden Side fairground… Watch what happened next
Do you dare to try Hidden Side Multiplayer mode?

Hidden Side Fairground

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Drew Dirschell
Karen T Smith
Maus Bricks
Wolfgang Von Rangel
Grant Young
Calling all Star Wars fans!
Here’s your chance to help decide one of the upcoming Ultimate Collector Series LEGO Star Wars sets! Cast your vote here: [ Lego.build Link ]

Timeline Photos

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Marcus Scott
Mike Silbernagel
João Gabriel Tinti
Adam Upson
Carum Sarene
Watch out for those falling bricks!

LEGO DUPLO Safety Tests

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Jason Nedbalek
Mark Branigan
Alex Mark
Chris Collins
Bill Page
Recreate iconic landmarks from the futuristic city of Dubai

Hasan Jamal

Ảnh trên dòng thời gian

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Lea Bowie
Aaron Pollard
Mitchell Bowen
Henry Carmichael
Michael E Henry Jr.
Wow, what an imagination ​
Thanks @jasonallemann for sharing your creation! #RebuildTheWorld


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Winston Yw Lee
Discworld Monthly
Chris Hubbell
Eric M. Hartye
Tommy Tornero
An out-of-this-world building experience is coming! ⭐ The LEGO International Space Station is available February 1st!
[ Lego.com Link ]


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Jeremiah Burns
Jonathan Gearhart
Josh Campbell
Amy Dixon
Helen McFahn
T-Minus 24 hours. Watch this SPACE...

Watch this SPACE!

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Danielle Hall
Lynne Carpenter
Lee Warren
Kam Var
Terry Parmm
Ssssssso sleepy...​ OMG a snake! ​

Thank you Teun de Wijs for this hypnotic work of art!
YouTube: [ Youtube.com Link ]

LEGO Creation by Teun de Wijs

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Brenda Andrews
Blaine Rampulla
Lewis Renshaw
Dwayne Goodyear
Kobi Francis
Hidden Side multiplayer mode has finally landed

Hidden Side Multiplayer

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Jeff Berntson
Carrie-anne Slee
Katie Hook
Carum Sarene
Stephanie Ann