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The left-wing mobs on Twitter are praising Richard Horton for his attack on the government last night, but his own tweets expose his massive hypocrisy. This is the same bloke who published Wakefield's dangerous MMR hoax and failed to retract for 12 years - nasty guy!
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Wishing our brilliant PM a speedy recovery after he tested positive for coronavirus. Let's hope he gets well soon and continues giving this country the fantastic leadership it needs during this crisis!
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We're proud to join the many voices urging empty hotels and B&Bs to provide shelter to our nation's homeless at this uncertain time, and ask councils to use their emergency funding from the government to compensate all those who heed the call. Help keep local businesses going and offer a helping hand to our most vulnerable at the same time!
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Coronavirus is badly hitting agriculture.

Environment minister George Eustice: “We need to mobilise the British workforce to fill that gap and make sure our excellent fruit and vegetables are on people’s plates over the summer months."

We appeal to young people who would otherwise be studying this summer to support the national effort.

Click the link:
[ Concordiavolunteers.org.uk Link ]
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It's disgusting that Gordon Brown has jumped on the coronavirus crisis as an opportunity to push for world government. He was one of the worst PMs we ever had, he sold half our gold reserves at the bottom of the market, and he never won an election - an absolute clown!

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Common sense approach that should have been actioned long ago - it's baffling that passengers from virus hot-spots can still enter Britain without ANY health or temperature checks upon arrival. Close the borders to high-risk countries and help get this under control!
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3.5 million coronavirus home-testing kits will be available for key workers within days, and millions more have been ordered for the public which will be available within weeks.

Stay indoors, follow advice, and this virus will be beaten.
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Nations are shutting down their borders around the world but if you travel illegally in a dingy from Calais you'll be processed and tested for Coronavirus (unlike our frontline NHS staff). Priorities!
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An emotional speech from Conservative MP Steve Baker, who realises the enormity of the emergency Coronavirus legislation and the effect it has in revoking our liberty.

He's right, these powers must only exist for as long as they are absolutely necessary. The more we unite as a nation and follow the advice, the shorter that time will be.

Emotional Baker realises enormity of COVID-19 legislation

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WATCH | Boris: "The more we follow the advice, the more strictly we obey the measures, the swifter this country will come back from the current crisis & the better we will recover.

"So I repeat my message: Stay at home, protect our NHS and save many thousands of lives."
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