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Leah Justyce

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I am an EXTRAORDINARY WOMAN with many skills and talents. I want you to realise you can be too.
I BELIEVE in MYSELF and the things that I have done over the years to help many people as well as myself BREAK FREE. I am a Professional Artist, Mother, I study 40 hours a week doing a Double Degree in Criminology and Psychological Science, Life Coach, Spiritual Coach, I run Airbnb and Stayz Accommodation places, WebDesigner, CEO and Author. I know I've forgotten stuff in that list but seriously I AM AMAZING. Most happy financially stable couples can not do the things together that I do on my own.
I am an avid believer in The Law Of Attraction but am not another channel just preaching the laws of how it works. I am here to inspire and encourage the world to let them know that they can be anything that they want no matter their culture.
Most conditioning from society and our upbringing tell us otherwise. I'm here to show you we CHOOSE to become who we WANT.