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Pure and simple, lolflix "Laugh Out Loud Flix" is Stand-Up Comedy only. SUBSCRIBE NOW and be the first to view a new video as soon as we drop a new cut, every day or so. lolflix is the largest creator of "high-quality" independently produced alternative stand-up comedy in the world uncensored, uncut, the way comedy was meant to be seen. Our Laugh Out Loud Channel is original and exclusive and is being shared directly to you from us the creators since the 2009.

We are not owned in part by any Network or large corporation. The fact is, this is all we do and there are no middlemen. This allows us to produce shows with comedians we find hilarious, uncensored and unapologetic — because funny is funny — clean or not, you be the judge. A little background on our history and Director/Producer Scott Montoya: https://imdb.to/2LVcn0y

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