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Jun 28, 2019




  • - Hey guys, so today we're going to be doing
  • the last to leave the bedroom challenge
  • wins $5,000 for their new bedroom.
  • In LA
  • - Yeah, so if you guys have been watching our videos
  • you know that we're moving to LA soon
  • and we're going to get new furniture,
  • but if we win this challenge,
  • we're going to be able
  • to spend $5000 on all that on new furniture.
  • And that's a lot of money.
  • You can do a lot with that money.
  • So that's why I wanna win this challenge.
  • - No, that's why I wanna win this challenge.
  • And also we have Mango.
  • - Yeah, so Mango,
  • she's the only one who can go back and forth.
  • Like, visit us.
  • Our parents aren't going to be able
  • to bring us anything to help us.
  • So we're going to have to bring everything ourselves
  • and if we forget something well that's our fault,
  • we should've thought about it before.
  • So, we're going to have to figure out
  • which room we're going to stay in now.
  • I wanna stay in my room
  • because I feel like I have more fun stuff in my room.
  • - I wanna stay in my room because we have the iMac.
  • - Well I still wanna do my room,
  • so I think maybe we have to do rock paper scissors.
  • So, rock, paper, scissor, shoot.
  • [Buzzer Sounds]
  • Rock, paper, scissor, shoot.
  • [Chiming Sound]
  • - Yes, it's my room! - No!
  • No, no!
  • - Okay, so we're gonna be staying
  • in my room for this challenge.
  • I feel like I'm going to win because this is my room,
  • so, but now we're going to have to go to the store
  • and get a bunch of supplies for this challenge.
  • - We don't know how long
  • we're going to be stuck in this bedroom
  • so we have to get a lot of food and a lot of drinks.
  • - Make sure you subscribe
  • for more crazy challenges like this.
  • - And ring that ringy dingy ding goo bell.
  • - Now let's go grocery shopping.
  • - Yay, c'mon Mango.
  • Mango.
  • First things first, I need cupcakes.
  • - Most important thing for me, Vanilla coffee.
  • Vanilla only.
  • - Let's get some chippies.
  • - I want this one and the dirty chips.
  • Evelyn got cupcakes, I'm gonna get myself some cookies.
  • I'm gonna get the yellow ones,
  • so they don't make my lips blue
  • because I don't think anybody likes blue lips.
  • - I'm getting some TruMoo because it's delish!
  • - Hey, look what I found, it was the last one.
  • I came just in time.
  • Let's get some smart water so we get smarter.
  • Except, I don't know how to get this out.
  • - Three just in case.
  • - Let's get two each.
  • They're pretty big,
  • but we don't know how long
  • we're gonna be spending in that bedroom.
  • - Popcorn, just in case we watch a movie.
  • My favorite, Flamin' Hot Cheetos.
  • - Uh, seriously?
  • Flamin' Hot Cheetos?
  • Okay whatever, well anyway, I'm doing birthday cake Oreos.
  • The best type of Oreos.
  • In my opinion of course.
  • I think we have enough food to last us about a week.
  • So let's just go pay and start this challenge.
  • - Let's, um, go.
  • - Okay we have our groceries sorted
  • and I got some pretty yummy things.
  • I can just say that, I mean, on a normal day,
  • I wouldn't be allowed to have all these things,
  • but you know, it's a fun challenge day today, so.
  • Well I'm all set because I have everything I need in my room
  • so, do you need anything Evelyn?
  • - Yeah, since you won't share your stuff with me.
  • - Okay, then go get them quickly.
  • You have five minutes.
  • - I need my blanket.
  • And of course I need my laptop.
  • - All right, so I'm closing the door.
  • Whoever leaves this room first, will lose.
  • And it's gonna be Evelyn.
  • No it's not.
  • Okay.
  • One, two, three,
  • - [Together] Start!
  • - Wait, there's nothing,
  • like basically we're trapped in the room
  • and have to find things to entertain ourselves.
  • - Good thing Mango has a toy.
  • - I'm gonna eat some cookies and donuts.
  • - Yeah, I need water.
  • - Mmm, this is a feast.
  • This smells so good.
  • Mmm.
  • - Ahh
  • Emily, can I have some?
  • - Uh no, your bag is right there Evelyn.
  • You're not gonna eat my food and then I get hungry,
  • and then I have nothing more to eat.
  • - Rude!
  • But I got plenty and I'm not gonna share it with you either.
  • I'm gonna have some, cupcakes.
  • I'm gonna pick the one with the most sprinkles
  • to make Mango really jealous,
  • because she really wants cupcakes.
  • Mmm.
  • (laughs)
  • - I have no idea what to do.
  • I can't just eat all day.
  • I have to find some entertainment.
  • Oh, right here.
  • There you go.
  • - I have my friend here with me, Mango.
  • And we're gonna play some Roblox.
  • This will keep me busy for hours.
  • - I really have to find a way how to get Evelyn
  • out of this room so I can win this challenge.
  • Otherwise, I'm gonna be here for a very long day
  • or days, or weeks.
  • - (sniffs) Ahh.
  • Evelyn, I think Mom is making some pancakes in the kitchen
  • do you wanna go have some with me?
  • - Yeah, you go first.
  • I know what you're trying to do.
  • - Ugh.
  • - I think I'm done playing Roblox for now.
  • Maybe I should take a nap.
  • If I sleep the time will go much faster.
  • Okay Mango, lets go to sleep
  • and wake up when we win this challenge.
  • Close your eyes Mango and go to sleep.
  • - Evelyn, seriously?
  • You're going to sleep now?
  • It's not even lunch time yet.
  • - Shh.
  • Be quiet, me and Mango are trying to take a nap.
  • - Whatever.
  • Uh, its such a nice day outside.
  • I wish I could go to the pool instead of being stuck here.
  • It look so much fun at the pool.
  • Evelyn, do you want to go down to the pool with me?
  • - No, I want furniture for my new bedroom.
  • You go to the pool.
  • - Evelyn, wake up, I'm bored!
  • You can't be sleeping in the middle of the day.
  • - Emily you're not even letting me take a nap!
  • You're such a pain.
  • Ugh, now I have to find other things to do,
  • I can't sleep now because of Emily.
  • - Mmm, so good.
  • It's actually a lot of fun.
  • I don't mind staying here for a while.
  • I'm going to try dipping one of these into my coffee.
  • Good idea, right?
  • Bet somebody has done it before.
  • (laughs)
  • - Emily, I have my whole allowance on my desk in my bedroom.
  • It's yours if you want it.
  • You can go get it right now, it'll be yours.
  • - Do you have $5,000?
  • - Not quite, but you can have the whole thing.
  • - Yeah, no thanks.
  • I'm fine.
  • Oh, this coffee's working fast.
  • I gotta go to the bathroom.
  • Oh!
  • (farting)
  • - Are you okay in there Emily?
  • - Uh, I think so.
  • (farting)
  • - Ugh.
  • - Ugh, it's quite stinky.
  • Maybe I should leave the door open.
  • Yeah, that'll get Evelyn out of here.
  • - Eww.
  • There should be a law against that.
  • Close the door!
  • - Uh, you're more than welcome to leave the room.
  • - Eh, are you trying to poison me?
  • This is gross!
  • - Good.
  • - Gonna have some Flamin' Hot Cheetos
  • and I hope these will disinfect my lungs.
  • - Rude!
  • - They're so good.
  • Could eat the whole bag.
  • Ah, they're so spicy and good,
  • but I really really need some water!
  • Ah, I drank the whole bottle.
  • - Gotta go again!
  • Okay guys, I don't really need to go to the bathroom
  • I'm in here because Evelyn,
  • she hasn't went to the bathroom
  • ever since we started this challenge.
  • And also she just drunk a whole bottle of water,
  • so she's gonna need to go, pretty soon.
  • But I'm going to be here having a situation
  • and can't get out of the bathroom
  • and if she really has to go that bad,
  • she's going to go,
  • she has to go out of the bedroom to get to another bathroom.
  • So, yeah.
  • - Catch Mango.
  • Bring me the ball back, c'mon Mango.
  • Thank you Mango.
  • Emily, are you okay in there?
  • You've been in there for, I don't know, at least 30 minutes.
  • Can you get out please?
  • - Yeah, something's wrong with my stomach.
  • I think I had too much treats.
  • - Well you better hurry up
  • because I gotta go to the bathroom!
  • - I'm hurrying!
  • I'm not done yet.
  • - Yeah Emily I gotta go, so can you please come out?
  • - I'm not done yet and I'm not feeling good.
  • Gimme a break here.
  • - Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go right now!
  • Hurry up Emily.
  • Hurry up!
  • - I'm not doing so good over here.
  • - I'm not doing so good here either.
  • You gotta come out and let me go to the bathroom.
  • - I'm doing my best!
  • - You guys, I really really gotta go,
  • and I don't even think Emily's gonna realize that I'm gone,
  • because well, she's been in there
  • for a really really long time.
  • So I'm gonna risk it and go.
  • - Did she just leave the room?
  • The door's open.
  • Evelyn left the room!
  • - Let me sneak back into Emily's room.
  • She won't even notice that I was gone.
  • (gasps)
  • - Welcome back, Evelyn.
  • - Now you came out of the bathroom?
  • You could've come out when I really had to go.
  • - Um, well, I had my strategies planned out.
  • - I can't believe I just lost the challenge.
  • - I knew I was gonna win this challenge.
  • My new bedroom's gonna be epic.
  • Okay guys, so as you just saw, I won this challenge.
  • I tricked Evelyn and won this challenge.
  • Yeah,
  • is what she thinks.
  • - So we have to do a challenge
  • where I can win and get a new bedroom set because--
  • - Yeah, because I won the bedroom set
  • and she's a little jelly.
  • Jealous girl!
  • - You!
  • - And if you haven't seen our video moving to LA,
  • we'll link it at the end of this video
  • so you guys can see our new apartment.
  • I can't wait to furnish and accessorize my brand new room.
  • Make sure you watch one of our videos here,
  • and thanks for watching.
  • - See you next time
  • - Please subscribe and,
  • - [Together] Bye!

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Emily and Evelyn are competing to win a lot of money for their new bedroom makeover, see wins the cash!

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Emily and Evelyn

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