LaMelo Ball Is Paving His Own Wave 🌊 LEAGUE HIM | SLAM Day in the Life

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07:33   |   May 17, 2019


LaMelo Ball Is Paving His Own Wave 🌊 LEAGUE HIM | SLAM Day in the Life
LaMelo Ball Is Paving His Own Wave 🌊 LEAGUE HIM | SLAM Day in the Life thumb LaMelo Ball Is Paving His Own Wave 🌊 LEAGUE HIM | SLAM Day in the Life thumb LaMelo Ball Is Paving His Own Wave 🌊 LEAGUE HIM | SLAM Day in the Life thumb


  • Do you see what we get show me the pressure please
  • Yeah, yeah get a good look at this shit pressure ain't got nothing to do is this you can't have somebody else trying to motivate
  • You better you gotta want to do this on your own
  • I think my dad found a school and then he'd call me in when we was overseas
  • He was like yo come to the hotel room like you want to go back to high school
  • Yeah, he was I think I found a perfect fit. I
  • Just feel is the best choice for me
  • You know, if you go to the league, they'd be taking the top like, you know ESPN
  • It's always those kids. So I'm like, yeah, I need to get back on the little draft board and stuff
  • That's Mary is in the bar. You you push the hell are you boys? That's why they so good cuz you push it now
  • I'm pushing then I mean resistance
  • That means you don't feel like working out one day now, but come on doll. We gonna do it. Come on
  • I don't push I mean
  • If I lead you somewhere when you don't feel like following
  • Turn your hands around and go back to other way or just turn it off sit down
  • If you don't feel what I'm doing is right, I'll understand. I'm leading the right way. Don't follow
  • don't follow
  • Just like like like if I got a motivate Melo if I got to motivate any of my boys this ain't for you
  • No, I get slow working
  • another day another dollar
  • Where we really just been working on him getting low, you know, I mean you watch a mellow
  • Sometimes he played real high. He played high suits his jump shot. He's kind of standing up
  • So we've just been working on getting low playing with his knees bent and not just not just you know
  • A lot of people say his jump shot is this his jump shot is that I don't get into all that
  • I mean our biggest thing is repetitions. You know, I'm saying control we can control get him in the best shape as possible
  • Keep it low. You raised it up
  • Got stay low the whole turn see how to back this. He'll just
  • Keep running back. His heel is still on his toes. He
  • Was told so he got to do too much anything either Ordinaries. He's stealing his toes get more lift on the shot
  • No, I'm saying he'd get more lift on his shot with that
  • Yeah, stay on stay on. So right when I once inspire, you know, he was already on me
  • He already like saw something in me, like damn like you got talent. You can make it to the league telling me stuff
  • And he was like pretty much using their put the work in you know, so it was in the gym almost every day
  • I mean his basketball i.q. I don't have to work on that
  • It's talent it's there, you know, I mean his his competitiveness everybody know that's there
  • So it's just little things that you work on when you trying to go to that next level
  • Because you're dealing with a kid who was 16 years old playing overseas
  • Yeah, you see like he just made like seven eight in a row nine in a row just his balance, man
  • Well, I mean you don't got to always be on balance to be no shooter
  • But the whole thing is shoot see how the ball just spin it right back to him two more two more
  • Let's turn to the row eight in a row make it two more
  • No, it's going in everything right one more hahaha one more
  • I'm saying
  • First of all, he's a pass first guy, you know means a pass first guy because he's know at any time he can run off
  • 15 16 points straight something like that, but I mean just to describe his gang
  • Pistol Pete
  • Cuz I'll tell him I got the coldest ball boys in the world and y'all came beat up, but you listen to me baby's
  • Mama get up here
  • See if you could beat them
  • Man it's great. I know two older brothers
  • JJ
  • And my pops my momma. It's just all support. You know, they all want to see you make it y'all there to help you. So
  • It's pretty much. No way can't make it. You got the back end on your brothers. You ain't by yourself
  • Jellow and so in front of me ain't scared of none of you weak suckers
  • I play get two of the code through the everyday and my brothers. What do
  • We all love basketball and was born into basketball pretty much it what helps it a lot
  • I think is my dad played basketball and my mom so it's like just a basketball family, you know
  • Most most girls thing. They not gonna want to stay in the gym
  • And I would think husband or boyfriend with everything if I want to stay in the gym all day
  • We see my mom. We'd be in the gym for like ten hours. She'll be there. So I think that's that's what really got it
  • That's that's right here this deuce
  • In the real fat when I get it big when I smile and I dip and then that's cash. You see somewhere. He's snapping on
  • Don't see probably the best for people
  • That's long as a dog and then cast as Angelo's
  • See see ya
  • Hey, that's yeah
  • Go down there and get Torah
  • How's your game changed since like since like UT the whole state? I mean I got taller so I could rebound no
  • Better on defense but still working on that. I bless him defensively. Yeah, you know you do the offense you'd be tired
  • So the defense you gonna whack a little
  • That's what that kind of from but if I was to score zero points, I promise you nobody score know me
  • Hey, you know what's going down like that today a little photo shoot with slam, you know
  • I'm a little front cover alone magazine
  • Everybody parents to see you boy
  • Hey, that's when you make it money
  • Y'all gonna learn about this come on over
  • When you play video games quit playing the mug game play the real shit pinball. Keep your eye on the ball
  • Miss pac-man. That's why I tell my boys stand up and play games all y'all sit down with this fucking hand shit
  • Get the real shit, man. I use six seven hours standing up straight
  • All up at the pizzeria whatever, you know about that friendship. If you see a dude they got a pool table
  • Anything imported? Oh, maybe that shit
  • You

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LaMelo Ball has seen half the planet, but he'll always stay true to his roots in Chino Hills, California. We spent a day at the STUNNING Big Baller Brand Estate in the hills with LaMelo and LaVar for his SLAM Magazine cover shoot.

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LaMelo Ball Is Paving His Own Wave LEAGUE HIM | SLAM Day in the Life