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Momoa challenged one of the kids to an arm wrestle to try and win a visit to the Aquaman set! ❤

Jason Momoa Surprises Kids In Pittsburgh Children's Hospital

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Billy Scott
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Ray Mc Laughlin
The Goodman family and Jim will be back for a new series in spring. Shalom!

Friday Night Dinner Season Six Has Finished Filming

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Janine Almario
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When kids find out where the paint is kept... ‍♂

Kids Causing Havoc With Paint

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Laila Naomi Carruthers
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Greta Thunberg is speaking at the World Economic Forum In Davos, Switzerland

Greta Thunberg Speaks At World Economic Forum

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Gal Gadot also stars in the huge action-adventure movie.

Filming Begins On 'Biggest Ever Netflix Film' With The Rock And Ryan Reynolds

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She stumbled upon the uninvited guest at 1am...

Police 'Flabbergasted' After British Woman Finds 8ft Boa Constrictor In Bathroom

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Luke Phillips
Marley the autism service dog is trained to prevent injury to her owner and to be her loyal companion

Meet Marley The Autism Service Dog

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Norie Sotrina
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Toring Talisik Jun Jun
Elliot Shaddix Reynolds
The amateur detective and his brother claim to have located the crash site after spotting the wreckage online.

Man Plans Return To Cambodian Jungle To Investigate MH370 Google Maps Conspiracy Site

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His little brother had the best reaction! 'Love is love' ❤

Lad Comes Out As Gay To His Five-Year-Old Brother

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They each strategically placed a slice of bread 12,400 Miles apart to make the world's biggest sarnie.

Two Men Make Earth Sandwich By Putting Slice Of Bread On Opposite Sides Of The Planet

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