Kvasura - Chernobog

Sep 05, 2013


Kvasura - Chernobog
Kvasura - Chernobog thumb Kvasura - Chernobog thumb Kvasura - Chernobog thumb

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Band: Kvasura
Genre: Pagan folk metal
Country: USA
Song: Chernobog (2013)

Download this song here: http://kvasura.bandcamp.com/track/chernobog

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kvasuraAZ

Band Bio:
Kvasura was started as a pet project by 2 brothers Boris and Sergey. They moved from Russia to the states when they were kids but they did not want to forget where they came from. They combined their passion for heavy metal with their love and respect for their heritage to create a unique music project. After being joined by Arrow, Kane, Justin and Jamie this venture finally came to fruition. The name itself comes from Slavic mythology. Kvasura was the name of a Pagan god of alcohol, drunkenness and hangovers. This name represents the band's sound and lyrical context perfectly. Heavy melodic metal influenced by Russian folk music with songs about nature, mythology and, you guessed it, drunken good times is what Kvasura is all about.