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Nice one!


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Joachim Prell
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#curbtheplank !!!
Curb dat plank!!!!!♥ Wishing you the very best with your journey of keeping well, healthy, safe, and navigating your way through this different time of health and financial adversity.
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Marc Allen
Kenny Mackenzie
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John T Morris
John Pevc
Sorry for the volume issues everyone! Here is the live stream with proper sound. Wishing you all health, resilience, and courage at this time ♥ I light a candle for you all!

Kobra Paige

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Andy Royse
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For all our fellow artists and friends attending this weekend, The JUNO Awards has officially been cancelled. I’d like to extend my gratitude for this responsible action. As a person with a compromised immune system that’s currently exposed to others with compromised bodies, I believe this was important. I extend my condolences to all looking forward to the great and proud moment of being...
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Eric A Dodge
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Paul Torch
Happy International woman’s day to all the fierce women of our world! Here’s to the moms, sisters, daughters, and friends that mentor and shape our lives!! Photo by ......

Timeline Photos

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Hendrik Schroeder
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Curtis Doyle McClain
“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.” ~ Jalaluddin Rumi
Sending all of you beautiful people healing love today and always. ♥

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KOBRA AND THE LOTUS - Light Me Up (Official Video) | Napalm Records

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Hemi Millard
Madara Vera
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Craig Condon
Time warp back to ‘High Priestess’ and our killer community of music enthusiasts\M/

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Kobra And The Lotus - I Am, I Am (Lyric Video)

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Jim Auel
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Lucinda Muris-Eleveld
Kind of Funny Stuff =-p
Did you know this project was once named Metal Bomb, Judas Cradle, and then Lotus?! We had local paper tickets printed for each name too.
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KOBRA & THE LOTUS Things You May Not Know, Touring Challenges And More

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Alex Parker
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Beverley Fay Graham
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Bil Seaberry
Big Congratulations to the band, our manager Susan, our producer Elvis, his A team - engineer Jeff Mohl and right hand man Josh Saldate, the team at Napalm Records, and all of our amazing, global community. It's humbling to be welcomed again into the 'Hard/Metal Album Of The Year category' at this years The JUNO Awards . Thank you!!!
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Ralph Hudson
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Terry Deboer
George Guerra
Alberta Karse
My name is Kobra Paige and I'm the founder of this band.
Over the course of 13 years I've had the privilege of getting to know an amazing community. My experiences of building a band have been beautiful, difficult, painful, and incredible.
There is 1 elephant in the room though...dunn, dunn, dunnn...metal elitism. It's ugly, vicious, unwarranted, vulgar, and unfortunately has been 20% of my...

Metal Elitism and My Experience With It

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Peter Kjærgaard Filbert
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