Knowing Brother Special II-a: Savage Guests (part 1)

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Knowing Brother Special II-a: Savage Guests (part 1)
Knowing Brother Special II-a: Savage Guests (part 1) thumb Knowing Brother Special II-a: Savage Guests (part 1) thumb Knowing Brother Special II-a: Savage Guests (part 1) thumb


I'm splitting this into 2 videos cause aside from longer videos having a higher chance of getting blocked, I also watch these compilations if I'm bored and watching an almost 30 minute video on youtube is a little tedious for me. Hopefully part 2 can be uploaded tomorrow. I won't wait for the recent episode subs cause sometimes ODK releases subs either too early or too late. I'll upload some clips from it though.

Please check out Henry's new song "Monster":
English version: /watch?v=dfeEwt5_jsQ
Chinese version: /watch?v=LyoPvRX-l7A
(I don't think a Korean version MV has been released yet, but the song does have a Korean version. Go check that out)

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Donghae also has a youtube channel, is he ever going to upload again? No one knows. Did he forget his password? Probably. lol. But in the event that our fish remembers his youtube channel, it's better to subscibe to him:

Black Suit MV:
One More Chance MV:
Charm of Life MV:

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Super Show 7 currently confirmed countries and dates so far:

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