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We tried to take a photo of a Dreamliner. We mist. *ba dum tss*
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Our flight crew have their favourites too! ✨

“Why KLM House No. 29 is my favourite” - KLM Blog

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Get you an airline who can do it all #dolly
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Everything about fuel for big birds. ⛽

KLM What The FAQ: Is it possible to fly on petrol or diesel?

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KLM Royal Dutch Airlines posted on Jan 19, 2020

Blue and white, what a cool match ☃️

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To a sustainable future, step by step ✈

Our sustainable resolutions for 2020

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Welcome to the wonderful world of aircraft engines! Intern Valentina takes you on an exclusive tour at the GE Aviation factory. ‍

KLM Intern On A Mission: Aircraft Engines

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It runs in the family! ✈
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Wash, brush, floss and flush. This is how we wash our aircraft!

Is there a carwash for aircraft?

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Time to refuel! ✈
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