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Are you ready for a new break experience?
Introducing KITKAT Chocolatory to the UK
Luxury KITKATs hand-crafted especially for you...

Follow our journey on Twitter @kkchocolatory and Instagram @kitkatchocolatoryuki to find out more! ❤

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Have you got your hands on the Krispy Kreme made with KITKAT yet? They won’t be around for long!

Have you got your hands on the Krispy Kreme made with KITKAT yet?

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Lucy Guest
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The kids are back to school, now it’s time for a real break! ❤ Who do you know who needs one of our KITKAT Senses Salted Caramel bars?


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Introducing New KITKAT CHUNKY and YORKIE MORE! A delicious KITKAT CHUNKY with a layer of ‘Raspberry and Hazelnut’ and a chunky YORKIE bar with ‘Oats, Apple & Cinnamon’. With 30% less sugar and a source of protein, are you ready for MORE?

*30% less sugar than similar chocolate products.


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Fancy a break with a difference, or even a hole? The limited edition Krispy Kreme doughnut made with KITKAT is out today! An Original Glazed ring with a milk chocolate or white chocolate spin… dusted with crushed KITKAT pieces & finished with your favourite KITKAT Bite! #HaveabreakwithKrispyKreme
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BREAK-ing news… your two favourite tea break treats come together as of Monday #HaveABreakWithKrispyKreme

BREAK-ing news… #HaveABreakWithKrispyKreme

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3pm slump? Eyes glazed over? Get ready for a hole new break….

Get ready for a hole new break….

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Are you ready for more?

Are you ready for more?

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Cheers to National Friendship Day! Who will you be sharing your break with?


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Wednesday blues? Have a zen break with the new KITKAT Green Tea Matcha!


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