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Welcome to the KINDER® Canada Facebook page! This page is a community where parents share their fun and playful moments, find inspiration in other parents’ moments, and get exclusive KINDER® perks to make playtime better.

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PEYTON LOVES KINDER SURPRISE EGGS !!! I Found This HUGE One For Peyton and It's A Batman Super Legends Series One. Peyton Got The Batmobile Surprise In His Egg ! ONLY Problem Is Peyton Is ALLERGIC To Dairy, ESPECIALLY Cow's Milk So He Can NEVER Have The Chocolate Of The Kinder Surprise Eggs He Gets. :-( He's ALWAYS Happy To Offer The Chocolate To Myself Or Other's Who Love Or Want Some. WISH...
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Jason Parsons
J'ai acheté plein plein de gros coco kinder surprise Enchantimals et c'est toujours ces 3 même personnages... quelqu'un a d'autres modèles et voudrait faire des échanges ?
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Truly disappointed in Kinder. Will never buy again and here's why.

My son Loves Kinder, which is why the past two years I have purchased the Kinder Christmas Calendar as well as that kinder stocking stuffer (that comes with 4 eggs), and the giant kinder egg.

This year he got the EXACT same kinder surprise toys in EVERY single one... why would you re-use the same toys two years in a row for...
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Never in a million years, did I ever expect, that my 5 year old, would get a naked Santa in his kinder surprise.
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Love the advent calendars but so disappointed this year instead of 2 santas, there was 1 Santa and the other was filled with 3 kinder schoko-bons. Not as advertised
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Our Christmas tradition! Every year we get a bunch of kinder eggs from my mom. We keep the egg shells and have made a long link!

This is one we've had going for a few years

Merry Christmas
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Wondering if the Mini Kinder Chocolate Advent Calendar is safe for those who have a tree nut allergy. I see it is peanut free, but I see nothing about tree nuts. Thanks,
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Surprise your little Jedi with an exciting Star Wars treat. Discover all 8 limited-edition toys and the universe is yours to explore together!#KinderSurprise #LittleSurprisesCount

Kinder Surprise - Star Wars

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Surprenez votre petit Jedi avec une gâterie spéciale pour Star Wars. Découvrez nos 8 jouets en édition limitée, et partez à la conquête de l’univers! #KinderSurprise #ViveLesPetitesSurprises

Kinder Surprise - Star Wars

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Aventurez-vous au-delà du royaume, et surprenez votre petite Elsa ou Anna avec un #KinderSurprise en édition limitée pour La reine des neiges 2! Découvrez où la magie vous emmènera. La reine des neiges 2 est maintenant en salles! ✨❄ #ViveLesPetitesSurprises

Kinder Surprise - Frozen

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