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We’re celebrating all the amazing things you can do in the Kijiji community. Follow us for great #KijijiFinds, fun games and gifs, or some ideas for your next DIY project. Get in touch any time by commenting or tagging us in one of your finds.

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Nous suivons de près les réactions de la communauté face à l’épidémie de COVID-19 au Canada.

En réponse aux commentaires des utilisateurs et afin de freiner les hausses de prix injustifiées de certains articles, qui vont à l’encontre de des valeurs de Kijiji, nous interdirons temporairement l’affichage d’annonces de masques de soins de santé, tels que les masques chirurgicaux et N95/N100,...
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Claude Dufour
Mariette Ouimette
We have been monitoring the community response to the outbreak of COVID-19 in Canada. Based on user feedback, and to curb pricing practices that run counter to the community-minded spirit of Kijiji, we will temporarily ban listings for health care masks including N95/N100 and surgical masks, hand sanitizer/gel, disinfecting wipes and toilet paper.

We encourage users to continue to flag any...
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@carleybrandondesigns marches to the beat of her own #KijijiFind drum kit Search Kijiji today and bring home the music! [ Bit.ly Link ]
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For an easy March Break activity with your family look no further than Kijiji. In a couple steps, turn secondhand t-shirts into pillows or artwork.
➡ bit.ly/shirtsintopillowsDIY
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George Clark
Here’s a Valentine’s Day #KijijiFind Six years ago Sam and Jaki were matched as roommates after looking for new apartments on Kijiji. They’ve been best friends ever since. We can’t guarantee you’ll find your next best friend on Kijiji but we do have tons of great rentals: [ Bit.ly Link ]
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JJ Tempesta
Créez une ambiance chaleureuse et réconfortante à la maison en apprenant à faire vous-mêmes une bougie DIY sur Kijiji

Voici comment faire une chandelle DIY

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Stay warm and cozy this winter with a DIY candle Learn to make your own with Kijiji Central.

See how to make your own DIY candle

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Greg Moore
Mike Ka
Marcello Roachie
Joel Belanger
Joel Belanger
Happy 2020! Start your year off with extra cash by making sales on Kijiji! bit.ly/Start-New-Year-with-Kijiji
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Martin Gour
Réjane Dubreuil
Rob Connolly
What a find! With her #KijijiFind vintage plates @sweetspontaneity is ready to be a host with the most! See all the dinnerware Kijiji has to dish out now bit.ly/Vintage-China-for-you
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Grégoire Pont
Bhagwant Kaur
Terence Nke Fonjock
Steven Laidlaw
Wondwossen Yilma
Vous aimeriez trouver des aubaines, tout en évitant les foules et les files Visitez Kijiji pour trouver les meilleures offres sur les télés, les portables, les consoles et plus!

Dénichez les meilleures aubaines sur les appareils électroniques après les Fêtes

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