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Hey guys, unfortunately the Covid-19 has put an unprecedented strain on our medical infrastructure, so for the next few hours I will take the pressure off. Comment below with any problems you're having and I'll give you a diagnosis and unregistered medical advice.
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As you have probably heard by now- The Melbourne International Comedy Festival has been cancelled and that includes all 30 of my "I thought I'd be famous by now" shows.

It's too early to book in a time now as things keep changing every day- but I'm in talks with venues to get the Melbourne shows postponed to a safer time for us to have a laugh together. The MICF will be issuing refunds to...
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New Melbourne International Comedy Festival Show. March 26-April 19

My addiction to adulation from strangers has cost me my ability to have meaningful relationships.

Anyways, tickets here: [ Comedyfestival.com.au Link ]
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Khaled Khalafalla posted on Feb 27, 2020

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Thankyou. What a ride.

This year I wrote, directed, edited, produced and performed FOUR seperate one-hour comedy shows. We started at 200 seats, then to 350, then to 500, before finishing the year with an absolutely lit 800 people this weekend.

I literally could not have done this without the awesome team we've built- Mimi Shaheen Comedy , Joe White , Kapil Bhagchandani, Matt O'Neill, Dean...


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We did it. 800 people at the Athenaeum Theatre. Literally a dream come true.

Watch this space.

credit: Dean Hobson

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Show is on TONIGHT!! Handful of tickets left at the door
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Me laughing at my own jokes because I’m hilarious
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Brand new show in Melbourne's Athenaeum theatre now only DAYS away!

Don't have your tickets? Get $20 OFF ALL GA TICKETS with code "letsgetit"

Head to


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