Kevin Hart Shows Off His Jerry Seinfeld Impression

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Kevin Hart Shows Off His Jerry Seinfeld Impression
Kevin Hart Shows Off His Jerry Seinfeld Impression thumb Kevin Hart Shows Off His Jerry Seinfeld Impression thumb Kevin Hart Shows Off His Jerry Seinfeld Impression thumb


  • -I want to hear the pizza-oven story,
  • if you know what I'm talking about.
  • -Oh, my God. With Jerry Seinfeld.
  • -Yes, Jerry Seinfeld, and somehow --
  • well, explain this. -I'll tell you the story.
  • So, Jerry Seinfeld, a good friend of mine, man.
  • -Love him.
  • -Jerry Seinfeld, I go to his house,
  • and Jerry Seinfeld has a pizza oven.
  • And I see the pizza oven, and I'm like, "What's that?"
  • He's like, "Oh, my God, it's a brick pizza oven."
  • He's like, "You never had brick-oven pizza?"
  • And I'm like, "No, I didn't even know that was a thing."
  • He's like, [As Seinfeld] "Oh, my God,
  • you got to get brick-oven pizza."
  • [ Laughter ] [ Normal voice ] He's like --
  • -That's your Jerry impression? -Yeah, it's my Jerry impression.
  • He's like, [As Seinfeld] "you haven't lived
  • until you had brick-oven pizza." [ Laughter ]
  • -That doesn't sound like Jerry Seinfeld.
  • -[ Normal voice ] That's spot-on Jerry Seinfeld.
  • -Sounds like Nipsey Russell. -No, no, no.
  • [ Laughter ] If you were to close your eyes,
  • you would think that you was talking to Jerry.
  • [ As Seinfeld ] "You haven't lived until you had
  • brick-oven pizza." [ Laughter ]
  • -Like Bob Dylan now. Okay, oh, yeah.
  • [ As Dylan ] "You haven't lived until you had the pizza."
  • -[ Normal voice ] So, he tells me, he's like,
  • "Oh, my God, people love it. They come over, man.
  • They love brick-oven pizza. You gotta get brick-oven pizza."
  • [ Normal voice ] So, I leave his house
  • and I go home to my wife and I'm like,
  • "Yo, we gotta get a brick -- a brick oven --
  • like, a brick pizza oven. We gotta do it.
  • Jerry said it's like a thing. People love it.
  • It's good 'cause we entertain." So I go spend all this money
  • and I go get a brick pizza oven built in my backyard.
  • And I'm hyped. I'm excited about it.
  • And it's done, and I invite people over.
  • And no black people like brick-oven pizza, man.
  • [ Sad tuba ]
  • It's the biggest -- [ Laughter ]
  • It is the biggest fail in the black community.
  • Listen, like, when I say they picked this oven apart --
  • I was like, "Dude, it's a brick pizza oven, man.
  • You put the pizza in there, it, like, cooks it fast."
  • And they was like, "How you clean it?
  • How do I know that pizza clean?" And I was like, "I don't know."
  • I was like, "Because of the fire.
  • You know it's clean because of fire."
  • They're like, "I ain't eating that mess."
  • They was like, "It's bugs in there!"
  • And I looked in there. It was bugs in there.
  • [ Laughter ] It was like --
  • -What a fail. -Nobody would touch the oven.
  • Nobody, so I've been forcing my kids to eat it,
  • just so I feel like I don't --
  • so I feel like I haven't wasted my money.
  • But it's all because I tried to do what Seinfeld suggested.
  • And it just is not the same. I didn't get the same response.
  • -[ As Seinfeld ] "You should get your own pizza oven!
  • You've got the wrong friends, then!
  • People love brick-oven pizza!" [ Cheers and applause ]
  • "People love brick-oven pizza." -What is the difference
  • in your impression and my impression?
  • -[ Normal voice ] You don't hear the different at all?
  • -No, it sounds exactly the same.
  • [ As Seinfeld ] "What are you talking about?
  • [ Laughter ] People love brick-oven pizza."
  • -Oh, my gosh. -"People love brick-oven pizza.
  • What's in a pizza?" [ Laughter ]
  • -Let's talk about "Night School."
  • I have to talk about this movie.
  • You, Tiffany Haddish -- comedy dream team.
  • -[ Normal voice ] Yes. -You get together.
  • -What is the movie about?
  • -The movie is about second chances.
  • First of all, this is the first movie
  • that was done underneath my production company,
  • Hartbeat Productions.
  • This is me partnering up with the studio,
  • no longer just being a work-for-hire.
  • Becoming a partner, becoming a business.
  • So this is the first one underneath my company umbrella.
  • And we developed it from the ground up.
  • Written, produced. It's our baby.
  • So, I play a character that went through life as a con artist,
  • gift of gab,
  • never really had to try or apply myself.
  • And my world falls from underneath me,
  • and I'm put in a situation
  • where I have to go back, get my diploma
  • so I can go and actually do what I want to do in life.
  • And in doing that, I meet a group of misfits
  • where we have to band together
  • and figure out the best way to get our diploma.
  • And our teacher is Tiffany Haddish,
  • who is a very tough teacher.
  • And we figure that it's not gonna be an easy road,
  • it's a tough road. But we create a funny road
  • along the way. It's a good movie.
  • Great content, great substance, great characters,
  • and more importantly, something that people can relate to.
  • It's grounded.
  • And that's where the world of Hartbeat Productions is,
  • and that's where it's gonna continue to grow from,
  • where people can identify and say, "Wow,
  • I've been in that situation, or I know somebody that has."
  • This is content that I would forever want to see
  • and I can forever relate to. -And it's funny.
  • -That's what this is. And it's funny.
  • [ Cheers and applause ] -Good for you.

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Kevin Hart tells the story of how he came to own an unused brick pizza oven, in the process revealing a solid Jerry Seinfeld impression, and chats about his first HartBeat Productions film, Night School.

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Kevin Hart Shows Off His Jerry Seinfeld Impression