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Churching, cussing, and cleaning!
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Who knew that Ali Wong would be my relationship counselor!

Nothing could be better than Kalen Allen and Ali Wong.

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I highly disagree! In fact, I eat this right out of the can!

Canned Cranberry Sauce is America's Least Favorite Thanksgiving Food, According to Recent Survey

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"It does not matter who you are, what color your skin is, or who you love, you can accomplish and achieve anything your heart desires."

Check out my interview with Sheen Magazine, where I talk about my career and how I will never stop dreaming!
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They thought they had me, but little did they know...

[ Ellentube.com Link ]

Kalen Reacts to Viral Cheddar-Block-Stuffed Flamin' Hot Cheeto Turkey

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Look who came to see me!!!

Brielle came to our offices to spread some holiday cheer.

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Chile, I’ve been giving y’all so much content! I’ve been working boo! You welcome!
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Every day we stray further from the light...

Kalen Allen is almost ready for Thanksgiving!

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We've hit a new low...

Some things go together and some things don’t.

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In just 4 hours, I, Kalen Allen, a little boy from Kansas City will be doing his first live show in Columbia, South Carolina at Harbison Theatre at Midlands Technical College!!! This night is going to be so very special and if you live in Columbia, please come and join me! This is what dreams are made of!
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