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Welcome to the entertainment channel for kids and family "Carrie And Toys" of Carrie TV .
We upload all sorts of fun and enjoyable toy contents from introducing and making toys based on catchy kids songs & toys.
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연락처 : contact@carriesoft.com


00:00 [Toy Lab] Crying Baby Magic Tears
71K+ views | May 24, 2019
14:18 [Toy Lab] Bear Giant Eggs!
14K+ views | Apr 05, 2019
10:01 Dinosaur Mecard Telepathy Toy Game
355K+ views | Sep 28, 2018
00:00 DIY Squishy Phone Case
543K+ views | Sep 14, 2018
06:41 Making edible school supplies DIY
7M+ views | Sep 08, 2018