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Spent way too much time trying to make this!! One of my favourite songs to hear these days: Losing You by Solange, Blood Orange
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TUNE INTO @mahogany at 2pm EST this afternoon (in an hour) for a 30 min live stream. Come at me with songs you wanna hear :) Hope you’ve all been doing okay during this surreal time.

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pre lock down. Who else is stuck indoors for the next couple weeks?!Hoping you’re safe and healthy ♥♥♥
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Justin Nozuka posted on Feb 14, 2020

Justin Nozuka posted on Feb 14, 2020

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Justin Nozuka posted on Feb 10, 2020

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vhs archive from @extraicey
taken from the @zacarip and gang session
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Happy holidays to you and yours!! Wishing you nothing but love, ♥
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A real pleasure to work with these incredible songwriter/musician/producers while in LA recently! The gifted @zacarip @jrios_musiq @davaughn_ @edcampose @jameshunt22 @serlatheo. @extraicey Many thanks, and look forward to doing it again soon !! @ Los Angeles, California

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Japan , I’ll be playing 3 very intimate solo acoustic sets later this month! These are all first come, first serve shows. Link to venues:
11/22 東京 (高円寺): tinyurl.com/uwjw5s4
11/25 東京 : otonami.com/cosche
11/30 福岡市: tinyurl.com/scn8vgw

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thank you all so much for the kind bday wishes ♥ As a gesture of gratitude, I’m sharing a new idea I’ve been working on. The link will be up in my (insta) bio for the next day or so. Im not sure how long I’ll have it up so rip it if you wanna keep it!

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