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Looking for a dance challenge? Try to repeat these 3 moves and share your performance with us!

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Just Dance 2020 Dance Challenge

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Jom Cordova
Tammie Lestrange
Catherine McInnes
Poppy Perkins
Rhiannon Keane
Looking for some family time together? Pause all activities and have a nice family workout! #JustDanceAtHome >> [ Ubi.li Link ]

Timeline Photos

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Maria Marta Zuccarelli
Adrian Bocacao
Lucas Serejo
Johannes Bolaños
Brittany Atkinson
It’s time to stretch! Repeat every hour to really feel the benefit #JustDanceAtHome > > ubi.li/TOpMT

Just Dance 2020 - #JustDanceAtHome

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Paola Cadenas
Kirsi Highes
Aleks Stoimenov
It’s time for an energetic cardio session with Just Dance! Treat yourself with our workout songlist. > > ubi.li/TOpMT

Ảnh trên dòng thời gian

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Aleks Stoimenov
Megan Marshall
Suzy Mansfield
Lucas Gabriel
Tomáš Ptáčník
Get busy at home with the Just Dance 2020 Colouring Pictures!
Download them for free in Ubisoft Club > > ubi.li/nmFvD

Just Dance 2020 Colouring Pictures

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Ayoub Hamouda
Melanie Hidalgo De Castro
Pedro Henrique
Maria Gallegos
Leo Dan Araujo
Ready for a full-on workout session with Just Dance?
Step 1: Warm up with 'Eye of the Tiger' by Survivor
Step 2: Have fun and exercise on 'Stop Movin’' by Royal Republic ‍♀
Step 3: Cool down with 'God Is A Woman' by Ariana Grande ‍♂
#JustDance #Fitness #Workout

Just Dance 2020 - FEEL GOOD FITNESS!

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Ricardo Cesar Piccinato Alves
Diego Barbosa
Lore Andrea
Mauricio Galvão
Claribel Diaz
Fun Fact: Two weeks ago, 847 People broke a Guinness Record by dancing at Baby Shark on Just Dance, in a shopping center in Québec!

#justdance #justdance2020 #record #guinness #babyshark #québec

Timeline Photos

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Suzy Mansfield
Fonsi Toledo
Jess Kohler
Cristina Iscori
Larissa Dos Santos Lopes
Who is a fan of LEGO? All you have to do is sign up and push support and this could become real. [ Ideas.lego.com Link ] thanks so much

Just Dance Giant Screen

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Let’s celebrate Pancake Day together!
Share with us your best song to flip pancakes too!

#Justdance #justdance2020 #pancakeday
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Ev'ish Sondlo
Hello, i just brough 1 year from apple tv.
But didn't work, I cannot play the game,
Accout : ultrajane@gmail.com
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