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Welcome to JR Garage! If you are reading this, we probably share a common passion for cars. I not only have a passion for cars, but for business, adventure, and traveling our country as well.

I'm sure you will find this channel entertaining and informative. I hope to bring a young fresh vibe to the automotive category on YouTube. I will post just about everything you can think of relating to cars. Such as reviews, road trips, car shows, vlogs, races, repairs (there will be a lot), and a bunch of other content.

I also want to make some videos about entrepreneurship and business. I want to share with you some of the business decisions I have made that have allowed us to own these cars.
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Hopefully you will join us and come for the fun ride. Subscribe to keep up and not miss a moment!

Also, if you are a business who is looking to get a product, part, clothing, etc. on the channel in some videos please message me down below!


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366K+ views | Sep 21, 2017