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Still true : To me, music has to be about freedom. It's the most important thing in my life.
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Excited to be joining the lineup for the 4th annual #LoveRocksNYC benefit concert on March 12th at The Beacon Theatre! Can't wait to see you there for a night of music and supporting the work of God's Love We Deliver. ❤ Presale tickets will be available TOMORROW! Big thank you to John Varvatos, Greg Williamson and all of the sponsors for making this amazing night happen.⚡Learn more by...

Love Rocks NYC with Executive Producers John Varvatos and Greg Williamson | God's Love We Deliver

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Amazing encounter! So glad I got to sing with these lovely soul's ❤

"Find your strength
Fight for peace
There's a light
In your release
Let love win
Just give in
Goodness is bright
So you can see
Thee answer"

Amazing encounter!

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#throwback Tell Me What We're Going To Do Now, song from the album Introducing Joss Stone. 2007

Introducing Joss Stone

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. Aww I love this . They are a happy trio

Diamons in the sky

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Happy Friday Everyone!
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What's the last thing you did for the first time?
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Joss Stone posted on Jan 08, 2020

Be That Girl Who Roots For The Other Girl

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One of my favourite little drunk sing-a-longs of the year with the lovely ken who was looking after us with another lovely chap named Simon whilst we were in Iraq earlier this year . #keepingsinging #keeplaughing #lovelove #lovelife #happynewyear
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