Hello Guys, welcome to my channel I struggled for many years with my hair, i did everything i learned from youtube and books, and still didnt have healthy hair and good results. I went to see doctors and still no solutions or change. So i decided to take care of me, i have researched and studied black hair, by using my hair (i cut off all my hair). Now im so happy with the results, and what i have found until now. I just want to share and help others to understand and have healthy hair and curly hair. My husband now has awesome moisturized and natural curly hair. And I believe every Black African can too.
I have been in a distance relationship for about 8 years and now im happily married, and this channel will help me share what i experienced and learned, and help other people succeed in their relationship in general.

Hair Disclaimer: All i share it's what work for me and my husband (bought with my money), every hair is different, so what works for me may not work for you (Products).