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Post a photo you took when you were traveling... back when we could travel. Add some here: [ Hitrecord.app.link Link ]

It could be from anywhere in the world. Night or day, indoors or outdoors. From any season. Any year.
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“With you I find______________”
(fill in the blank here: [ Hitrecord.app.link Link ]
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Post a close-up photo of your EYE. I'll get us started.
Submit yours here: [ Hitrecord.app.link Link ]
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Describe a perfect day. In 4 words.
(add yours here: [ Hitrecord.app.link Link ]
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Getting dumped is usually pretty shitty.

One of the lousier, more miserable feelings in life.

But sometimes there's an upside to living the single life.

So I want you to write down the best part of being single here: [ Hitrecord.app.link Link ]
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Complete this sentence: "In the light I find ____________." Submit your answer here: [ Hitrecord.app.link Link ]
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Lobbing this link out to you. It's the last voice acting project of the night. Last chance to get involved (for the night, at least.)

Come try it, come try it.


Details here: [ Hitrecord.app.link Link ]
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Nancy Huffman
Jenn Bould
Need a voice actor that can do a good superhero voice. Know anybody??
INFO HERE: [ Hitrecord.app.link Link ]
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Shengming Zhang
Real Chad Rollin Johnson
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Brian Brown
Michelle Nicole Lung
Looking for a voice actor to read a story naturally, as if it were your own experience.

The script is very well written, and a very powerful (and relevant) piece about the world we're living in right now, in this moment.

Come give it a read. :)

Info: [ Hitrecord.app.link Link ]
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Show me the last photo you took that had a triangle in it... post it here: [ Hitrecord.app.link Link ]
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