I direct HITRECORD. It’s an internet thing for being creative. But it’s not just about getting attention. It’s about making things with other people.

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May 25th, 1979. Worst prom ever. #Carrie
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Doing a Reddit AMA! Ask me things... → [ Bit.ly Link ]

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#CreateTogether episode 2 is HERE! This one's a tearjerker. Can't wait for you to see it.

Watch it on YouTube: [ Bit.ly Link ]

Create Together Episode 2 Trailer

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Less than one hour to go until episode 2 of #CreateTogether drops. Watch the premiere and live chat with me at 9am PST on YouTube: [ Bit.ly Link ]

Let’s Make Art for the Class of 2020

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"Hello? I have to ________"
(I need YOU to finish the story here: [ Hitrecord.app.link Link ]
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Lana Verigin
This is the FINAL TIME (tonight, that is) I am asking for voice actors.

I'd love for you to do this one.

It's really good.

Don't just take my word for it... see for yourself.

Details here: [ Hitrecord.app.link Link ]
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Two questions:
1) Any voice actors around?
2) Any voice actors still awake?

Need y'all here, tonight: [ Hitrecord.app.link Link ]
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If you’ve never done voice acting before — but you always wanted to try it — you could give this a shot: [ Hitrecord.app.link Link ]
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Still looking for more TRAVEL PHOTOS!!! Add them all here: [ Hitrecord.app.link Link ]

Look in your phone, find some. From anywhere in the world.

Show me! Show me! :)
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