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Who's up for taking a crack at some voice acting right now?? Will it be you??????
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Laura Roberts
Evie Byrd
Doug Barnhart
Name this fox fella.

Looking for unexpected names... not Barry or Michael or Jim. Something strange, and bizarre.

Bonus points if you give him a back story.

Best ideas gooooo hereeeee: [ Hitrecord.app.link Link ]
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Dominique Maldonado
Heidi Hallas
Meghan Vera
Barbra Piper
Marcus Alvarado
In only 6 WORDS, tell a story about this photo... and ADD IT HERE: [ Hitrecord.app.link Link ]
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On the lookout for a few writers. Who's up??? [ Hitrecord.app.link Link ]
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Ay Sis Francisco
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Johnny Brady Tost Jr.
Jessica Pearl Chua
ok, ok, ok...

One final attempt to get you to try voice acting tonight.

Will it work?? Will you do it??


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Becks Enter
Kyra Baker
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Assapopulus Aniseto
Kity Kat
Voice actors... beginners and pros....

Read this line out loud:
"Is this the end?"

Multiple takes welcomed, and encouraged.

Excited to hear your performances!

Details: [ Hitrecord.app.link Link ]
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Owais Munawar
Ricky Gronwall
Chrissy Hobert
Tonight I need voice actors to read this beautiful piece of writing.

The words are something nice to read. Especially at a time like this.

Would love to hear how you perform it.

Will you please give it a try? :)

Info here: [ Hitrecord.app.link Link ]
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Kat Waldner
Angelissa Untalan
Shannon Doyle McCool
Priscilla Mendez
Becks Enter
Look in your phone. Find a photo that shows the beauty of nature... the trees, water, sun, animals or sky. Post your best nature photos here: [ Hitrecord.app.link Link ]
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Katelynn Pike
Rosa Ines
Minta Daniel
Jiah Maye
Sarah Bockting
Wrapping up the second week of hitRECord From Home. It’s been really great making these videos, I hope you’re enjoying them as much as I am.

Leaving some creative projects to keep you busy this weekend in the comments. Thanks so much for doing this with me. See you on Monday!

HITRECORD From Home: Focus And Flow (3/27/20)

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Dawn Walker-Elders
Britt Stine
Carissa Shena Gatlin
My friends at The Science and Entertainment Exchange put me together with a knowledgeable physician+scientist to talk about the pandemic. Here’s a video of our conversation.

National Academy of Medicine #COVID19 #askascientist

#AskAScientist: Joe and Peggy

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Heidi Keyler
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Kat Waldner
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Erika Sinyard