Joker bank robbery IMAX | The Dark Knight

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Joker bank robbery IMAX | The Dark Knight
Joker bank robbery IMAX | The Dark Knight thumb Joker bank robbery IMAX | The Dark Knight thumb Joker bank robbery IMAX | The Dark Knight thumb


  • - Three of kind, let's do this. - That's it? three guys?
  • Two guys on the roof. Every guy gets his share. Five shares is plenty!
  • Six shares. Don't forget about the guy who planned the job.
  • He thinks he can sit it out and still take a slice?
  • - I know why they call him the Joker. “So why did they call him the Joker?”
  • - I heard that he wears make up. - Make up?
  • Yeah, to scare people. You know war paint.
  • Alright, everybody! Hands up, heads down!
  • I said hands up! Heads down!
  • Let's go, pal! I'm making a withdrawal here!
  • - I said, hands up! - No!
  • Here comes the silent alarm.
  • And there it goes!
  • Heads down!
  • Alright hoochie! You're taking a dive with me!
  • Down! I said stay down there!
  • That's funny, it didn't dial out to 911, it was trying to reach a private number.
  • Is it a problem?
  • No, I'm done here.
  • Sit down! Down!
  • Down! I said stay down there!
  • Obviously we don't want you doin' anything with your hands, other than holdin' on for dear life!
  • On the ground! Stay on the ground!
  • Nobody makes a move! Nobody! Stay down!
  • You have any idea who you're stealin' from? You and your friends are dead!
  • He's out, right?
  • Where did you learn to count?
  • They wired this thing up with like 5000 volts, what kind of bank does that?
  • A mob bank. I guess the Joker is as crazy as they say!
  • Where's the alarm guy?
  • Boss told me when the guy was done, I should take him out. One less share, right?
  • - Funny, he told me somethin' similar... - What? No! NO!
  • That's a lot of money! If this Joker guy was so smart, he would had us bring a bigger car!
  • I'm bettin' the Joker told you to kill me as soon as we loaded the cash.
  • No, no, no, no, I kill the bus driver.
  • Bus driver?
  • What bus drive-
  • School's out! Time to go. Cat's not gettin' up is he?
  • That's a lotta money...
  • What happened to the rest of the guys?
  • Think you're smart huh?
  • The kind that hired youse!
  • They'll just do the same to you...
  • Oh, criminals in this town used to believe in things...
  • Honor! Respect!
  • Look at you!
  • What do you believe in huh? WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE IN?
  • I believe, whatever that doesn't kill you simply makes you...
  • Stranger.

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