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'That was something I wrote when I was about 17. I lived at 9 Newcastle Road. I was born on the 9th of October, the 9th month. It's just a number that follows me around. Numerologically I'm a number 6 or a 3, but it's all part of 9.'

One After 909 - Remastered 2009

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"All we are saying is Give Peace A Chance"
What will you be doing to promote peace today?

#InternationalDayOfPeace #PeaceDay #ClimateAction
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Give Peace A Chance - Plastic Ono Band

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'We're trying to sell peace, like a product, you know, and sell it like people sell soap or soft drinks. And it's the only way to get people aware that peace is possible, and it isn't just inevitable to have violence. Not just war — all forms of violence.'
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'There is no denying that we are still living in the capitalist world. I think that in order to survive and to change the world, you have to take care of yourself first. You have to survive yourself.'
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'The whole effect of our Bed-In has made people talk about peace. We're trying to interest young people into doing something for peace. But it must be done by nonviolent means otherwise there can only be chaos.'
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John Lennon posted on Sep 19, 2019

รูปภาพจากโพสต์ของ The Lennon Bus

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''Birthday' was written in the studio. Just made up on the spot. I think Paul wanted to write a song like 'Happy Birthday Baby,' the old fifties hit. But it was sort of made up in the studio. Both of us wrote it.'

Birthday - 2018 Mix

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'I wrote this at a recording session, including the guitar lick with the first feedback anywhere. Before Hendrix, before The Who, before anybody. The first feedback on record.'

I Feel Fine - Remastered 2009

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''Come Together' changed at the session. I just said, 'Look, I've got no arrangement for you, but you know how I want it.' We've played together a long time. I said, 'Give me something funky and set up a beat' and they all just joined in.'

Come Together - Remastered 2009

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'The World Church called me once and wanted to say, 'Can we use the lyrics and just change it to “Imagine one religion”?' So that showed that they didn't understand it at all. It would defeat the whole purpose of the song; the whole idea.'

Imagine - Ultimate Mix

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