John Beilein opens up on leaving Michigan basketball

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John Beilein opens up on leaving Michigan basketball
John Beilein opens up on leaving Michigan basketball thumb John Beilein opens up on leaving Michigan basketball thumb John Beilein opens up on leaving Michigan basketball thumb


  • what was that decision how long did you
  • it didn't take me that long but
  • a lot of consideration I'm just where we
  • are today's because what the best thing
  • to talk about right now this is really
  • great to be a part of this
  • we have 26 pick in the draft
  • we're a shame because good returning
  • players were in great shape
  • this job and protect
  • you're interested well I think that
  • once I met
  • watch some film on that one
  • and then meeting the support staff maybe
  • Danielle
  • a tough decision much easier for me now
  • the right for me now the right time to
  • leave them yeah you know there's never a
  • good time to leave you know and you can
  • make a couple choices you can leave too
  • early maybe or you leave too late
  • you never know when to leave and and it
  • was
  • I think this was it this was an
  • opportunity that has so much potential
  • use to to difficult fearest to difficult
  • to pass up it was right thing to
  • different we can't raise you about this
  • roster
  • oh I can first of all with great help
  • from our front office we're going to
  • shape it
  • young players Kevin Love today
  • gotta get some got a lot of experience
  • especially pretty talked with all the
  • players today and there's just I feel
  • good karma right now that last year
  • although was difficult for all we all
  • learned a lot everybody's gonna grow
  • from it intact next year with a lot of
  • there's a lot of enthusiasm a lot of
  • spirits a lot of optimism has reached
  • out to you
  • I got great advice today from
  • former NBA coach I want to identify he
  • said my advice is don't don't get too
  • much advice but I am I am yeah
  • heard from 12 I have quite a few
  • I think maybe EdTech coaches that I know
  • fairly well and they all reached out to
  • do in a mug
  • friends to grant Stevens was in the NBA
  • just got better today it's just like
  • really complementary things guys have
  • been to college to be Portland and
  • abandon throws and decide no luck
  • you know this coaching basketball
  • what do you do is the biggest adjustment
  • at this level
  • don't like crying so hard it's going all
  • the time I don't I think you're just
  • gonna have to learn quickly I'm going to
  • have to really learn the NBA language
  • and just obviously begin this
  • relationship with these players build
  • this culture that is rock solid did you
  • know
  • I didn't over at all no mr. snake guy
  • but once we met I think we hit it off
  • right away but she wasn't talking about
  • the number one tricky thing about the
  • talent well I think this is a pretty
  • good draft throughout the whole first
  • job at five or twenty six we're gonna
  • get two good players so
  • I've gone down the list and I played
  • against many of those guys are awesome
  • on TV I saw playing a at you
  • and so it's really exciting to be in
  • that opportunity to have the fifth pick
  • in the draft
  • you know hopefully the only way we're
  • there again is if we because we traded
  • and got that picking somebody else but
  • we're gonna take advantage of it out
  • it's about college basketball tomates
  • change with solar transfers with guys
  • leaving early that kind of turkey waft
  • that - the game is for discussion
  • another time I'm just really happy to be
  • here right now not offended my feet on
  • the floor there's a lot of things
  • we probably can't talked about that
  • later on I saw a clip from your son
  • where he said you were ready for the
  • next challenge I mean I assume that's
  • true but what about this challenge I
  • mean was I thinking
  • I think just the fact that this it
  • weren't great that we're in position to
  • be in position in other words we got
  • good young town we've got a great front
  • office and now and you just combine
  • everything but really what I sense if
  • we're good teammates on the state and
  • now we're just gonna all grow together
  • and I'm gonna lean out a lot of people
  • are experienced but we're gonna make it
  • happen
  • that's what can you share anything
  • conversation
  • there was interesting
  • no I was really about what I was really
  • impressed with and the striking was
  • their enthusiasm
  • they were like coach I can't wait I
  • can't wait to meet you we can't wait to
  • get together I thought that was a great
  • sign you know
  • we were could you make the ages of so
  • many players who I used to coach
  • now I think I said the one of them might
  • be around I called him an old head at 28
  • he didn't like that very case you know
  • and I said not that's not your in your
  • pride you're in your prime but compared
  • to the others yeah I rely on the old
  • head so we'll get to look it through all
  • that stuff I'm just excited

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John Beilein on leaving the University of Michigan for the head coaching job with the Cleveland Cavaliers on Tuesday, May 14, 2019 at the NBA draft lottery in Chicago.

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