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"When a steel chairshot hurts more than childbirth, you call me, sweetheart. Because it never will."

WWE superstars, including Samoa Joe, Cesaro, Bayley, Lacey Evans, Adam Cole and Shinsuke Nakamura reveal the most painful things that have ever happened to them.

WWE stars reveal the most painful things that have ever happened to them | JOE.co.uk

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Victor Sekati
Kieran Taylor
Learning to surf is much harder than many think. As this man discovered.

Learning to surf: how hard is it?

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Would any Premier League team take Ole Gunnar Solskjaer over their own current manager?

Is Ole Gunnar Solskjaer the worst manager in the league? | JOE.co.uk

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Everybody knows the North of England it's better than the South - but where does it start? Stoke? Liverpool? Newcastle?

We took to the streets with a map to settle the debate.

Where is the Northern line?

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"He got paid more for brand Haskell than he did for his career!"

James Haskell and Mike Tindall talk about their salary cap experiences; and Premiership Rugby's stringent approach to keeping it all above board...

Are Premiership Rugby to blame for the Saracens scandal?

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"Thanks ever so much. Love you, bye."

Steve Sidwell, Wayne Bridge and Carlton Cole prank their former clubs, featuring Steve telling the Fulham club secretary that he loves her.

Former footballers prank call their old clubs

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"People do not expect Brock Lesnar to be as cerebral as he is"

WWE superstar Samoa Joe opened up to us ahead of this weekend's Royal Rumble

Samoa Joe on WWE, MMA and what Brock Lesnar is really like | JOE.co.uk

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Feels like a good time to look back at one of Terry Jones' most iconic moments. He's not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy. And he'll be missed.

RIP Terry.

현재 이 콘텐츠를 이용할 수 없습니다

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These are five ways of actually beating Liverpool. It's unlikely any team will actually succeed at this.

A foolproof guide to actually beating Liverpool this season | JOE.co.uk

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“You tried to get rid of the Jews but you did not succeed.”

This is the story of Zigi Shipper, a Holocaust survivor who dedicates his life to teaching the next generation about the horrors of the Nazi regime.

Holocaust Memorial Day 2020: Auschwitz survivor's story

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