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Alright #SPNFamily…You know what to do. It’s for the kids. We’ll match your donations up to $100K. Bring it!!! Don't let me do this for nothing! BadIdeaTour.com

The Bad Idea Tour: Behind the Scenes

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So we are clear, I was talked into this. But what took no convincing is chipping in to help alleviate childhood hunger. Please visit BadIdeaTour.com and for every donation you make, we will match it up to $100k. See you in Seattle at the Amica Mutual Insurance Co. Seattle Marathon. #BadIdeaTour

The Bad Idea Tour Training Video

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A Better World

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So Txdot has asked me to help promote a new law here in Texas that I couldn’t agree with more. Check it out (but NOT if you're driving). #HeadsUpTexas #TalkTextCrash #ad
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Supernatural returns tonight with a healthy dose of our #Waywardsisters
Don’t miss it. Seriously, look at our faces...do we look like we’re joking.
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Happy Holidays from the Family Business Beer Co! New limited edition holiday sweaters and hoodies available for the next two weeks! Guaranteed Christmas Delivery! [ Familybusinessbeerco.com Link ]

Timeline Photos

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It's coming.
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Lucky Number

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