Jeff Beck is one of the greatest guitarists in the world. He has a natural ability to make his guitar 'sing'.

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"No one else sounds like him; few others cover the sprawling musical turf he's staked out."

What Makes a Jeff Beck Solo So Unforgettable?

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You’ll be seeing ghosts in some of these Jeff Beck tees this Halloween.
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Daut  Zayni
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More shots from the Hollywood Bowl show, including a backstage shot of Jeff, Rod Stewart, and Johnny Depp!

Photos by: Ross Halfin Photography

Photos from Jeff Beck's post

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A perfect shot from Jeff Beck and Rod Stewart's reunion set at the Hollywood Bowl.
Photo by A Rood Photo
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"Former bandmates Rod Stewart and Jeff Beck took the stage together last night at the Hollywood Bowl. The occasion marked their first official performance together in roughly 10 years."

Watch Rod Stewart and Jeff Beck Reunite: Set List, Photos, Video

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Not to be missed! In two days, Jeff Beck will join Rod Stewart at the Hollywood Bowl for a landmark reunion set.

Tickets are on sale now!

Rod Stewart Featuring a Reunion Set With Jeff Beck

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A couple shots from last night's show in Kansas City at Uptown Theater with special guest Johnny Depp!

Tulsa tonight!

Photos by: Drew Stawin Photography

Photos from Jeff Beck's post

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