Jeepney | (c) Sponge Cola | #AgsuntaSongRequests

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Mar 10, 2016


Jeepney | (c) Sponge Cola | #AgsuntaSongRequests
Jeepney | (c) Sponge Cola | #AgsuntaSongRequests thumb Jeepney | (c) Sponge Cola | #AgsuntaSongRequests thumb Jeepney | (c) Sponge Cola | #AgsuntaSongRequests thumb


Here’s a trivia: Jeepney is a word known only in the Philippine dictionary. It is the most popular means of public transportation in the country and just like the Filipinos, jeepneys are colorful, fun, and always interesting.

We hope you enjoy our cover of Sponge Cola’s 2006 OPM hit, Jeepney.

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