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The new normal has me looking like a Mortal Kombat character on a grocery run.
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I finally got to meet Chris Sapphire from Netflix's The Circle. We had a great discussion over Instagram Live. Check it out!

See more of Chris here: [ Youtube.com Link ]

Jay Manuel and Chris Sapphire FINALLY MEET on Instagram LIVE!

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Wash those hands and have a safe weekend!
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Y’all been asking for this & today I’m going LIVE w/ Chris Sapphire from The Circle at 12noon ET on IG Live! We’ll be meeting face-to-face (so to speak) for the 1st time & you get to be there. Can’t wait to answer your questions & have a ki-ki!
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Now more than ever is the time to embrace and love our real friends.
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I love you Miss J but I think if we were stuck together indefinitely, we’d end up here
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Staying in calls for a re-watch. Who else is
binge watching #antm ?

What are some of your favorite moments from cycle 1?

One of mine is the time I had to get the girls in line after they complained about their makeovers. #quarantine

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Tag that friend, we’ve all got one ☝
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Miss J Alexander is READY for the runway and the Coronavirus
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Hey Naomi, can I join you? We all can’t be too prepared...
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