J-SOL: He Sings For His Dead Mother... Judges IN TEARS! WOW!😒| The X Factor UK 2018

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J-SOL: He Sings For His Dead Mother... Judges IN TEARS! WOW!😒| The X Factor UK 2018
J-SOL: He Sings For His Dead Mother... Judges IN TEARS! WOW!😒| The X Factor UK 2018 thumb J-SOL: He Sings For His Dead Mother... Judges IN TEARS! WOW!😒| The X Factor UK 2018 thumb J-SOL: He Sings For His Dead Mother... Judges IN TEARS! WOW!😒| The X Factor UK 2018 thumb


  • Oh Larry
  • In my way always
  • Afterwards wave ever seen
  • Hello young man I do and what's your name, please? Um, my name is Jason away from I'm from East London cool
  • How do you Jaso and 25 years old
  • Okay, tell me what the song you've chosen to sing today is and why the song is a song?
  • I wrote called bullet at my heart and um, it was the only song I wrote throughout the whole year 2015 and
  • Why?
  • x-factor this year, please I
  • Suddenly lost my mum in 2015
  • I've always been terrified to do this show but I
  • was going through Texas and I remember on my mom always telling me Heaney today expecting me to The X Factor and I
  • Always said no and a couple arguments about it, and I'm reading that text
  • I was just like, you know, I want to finally take off something. She's told me to do and um, I
  • Just want to inspire someone else and I hope I inspire you for now
  • Mama's my biggest fan was my biggest family changed. She believes any word. I believe in myself so - gah - like she's here
  • My mama selfie you would never look artificial
  • See LM on pause in a bit
  • After sometime he died as well
  • Just have to appreciate the ones never once you have them because you just need never know
  • After free as I'm finally able to take this off the list
  • Which I'm happy about my side because now once I thought if there's nothing else that I have
  • leftovers so complete
  • Magic so kind of feels final well, it was like
  • Was tragic
  • Who goes on
  • What was your mother's name Vittoria Victoria, okay, it's to this Victoria
  • With last hours
  • Then wait and other yeah, I'm thinking you come
  • Cuz
  • I won't let it tape
  • Cuz so
  • Every morning and we could with a broken heart
  • Based on
  • Jaso your voice your soul passion
  • incredible I
  • Fail you so much
  • J saw in
  • 2014 I lost my father very unexpectedly and
  • I'll never forget how the world swallowed me up on that day when I found out and
  • I just want to thank you because that was a beautiful
  • And a powerful song. I know your mom be really proud of you. Thank you
  • It may be salt
  • That is the power of music is that you can write such a beautiful song as touches on this panel
  • It was it was absolutely brilliant. It was moving. You're a legend for what you've just done
  • Wow, Jaso
  • I understand how difficult that would have been to perform that we did and
  • It was an amazing audition you have an amazing voice
  • This is something we're all gonna remember I just have to kick this off with the first yes
  • Thank you so much for sharing that with us, it's a yes
  • That was amazing song and it's a yes for me
  • Say yes for me
  • I told my mom every day for that
  • Literally, it's learn that right
  • Every decision you want to make always talk to that. Thank you, especially the Amazon
  • She'd be so proud of me unless you'd be happy

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Segment | The X Factor Season 15 | Audition Week 4 |
Audition: J-SOL

Never give up on your dreams guys! What an inspiring incredible audition. The best audition this season for sure

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