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Asia Correspondent Debi Edward explains how UK citizens in Wuhan still remain in limbo as 200+ American citizens will soon fly home to the US

More here: [ Itv.com Link ]

Asia Correspondent Debi Edward explains explains how UK citizens in Wuhan still remain in limbo

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Boris Johnson is mulling over what could be a huge decision with potentially worrying outcomes, as he weighs up whether to allow Huawei to be involved with the UK's 5G network.

What are the concerns over Huawei and the UK's 5G network?

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Frictionless trade after Brexit will be impossible, the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator has said.

EU chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier: Frictionless trade impossible after Brexit

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The Duke of York has "provided zero cooperation" to the Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking inquiry, a US prosecutor has said.

Prince Andrew has provided 'zero cooperation' with Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking investigation, US prosecutor says

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The lawyer leading the Grenfell inquiry said no firm involved in the refurbishment of the 25-story tower is taking responsibility.

"What happened was, as each of them would have it, someone else's fault," he said.

Grenfell inquiry: Refurbishment firms refused to accept blame

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As Prime Minister Boris Johnson mulls over his decision on the tech firm's involvement in 5G, we explain what all the fuss is about

What are the concerns over Huawei and the UK's 5G network?

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Watch Brexit Live: An ITV News Special from 10pm this Friday on @ITV and at itv.com/news for the countdown to the historic moment the UK leaves the EU

Watch the countdown to the historic moment the UK leaves the EU on ITV

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In a double blow for Brexit supporters, an author is now calling for the boycott of a new commemorative 50p over a missing 'Oxford comma'

Campaigners admit Big Ben won't bong for Brexit as author calls for boycott of new 50p over punctuation 'error'

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'Even today, it is extremely difficult for me to come back to the place of the former concentration camp Auschwitz.'

Survivors join world leaders to commemorate liberation of Auschwitz 75 years on

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With a population of 11 million, the capital of Hubei province is usually a bustling hub. But with the city on lockdown and public transport banned, it has become a ghost town.

'It's like something from a movie': Britons in Wuhan describe eerie quiet after early coronavirus panic

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