Is This Baby A Serial Killer Or Celebrity?

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Is This Baby A Serial Killer Or Celebrity?
Is This Baby A Serial Killer Or Celebrity? thumb Is This Baby A Serial Killer Or Celebrity? thumb Is This Baby A Serial Killer Or Celebrity? thumb


  • Can we tell a good baby from a bad baby?
  • Just by looking at it?
  • Let's talk about that.
  • ( bright, upbeat music )
  • ( fire crackles )
  • Good mythical morning!
  • We would like to give a good mythical welcome
  • to Mr. Craig Robinson.
  • - Ooh-hoo! - Hello.
  • - And thank you. - Welcome to the show, Craig.
  • - Thanks for coming in. - Great to be here.
  • Get the double, double shake here.
  • Boom, boom, bada bing, bada boom, a-ha.
  • - Yeah. - Thanks for being here, man.
  • My pleasure, thanks for having me.
  • Babies are so cute, so innocent-looking,
  • but have you ever seen a baby that you just don't trust,
  • a baby you know is up to no good?
  • We're talking about babies whose eyes tell a story
  • about the utter darkness living within their evil souls!
  • Those are bad babies
  • destined for a life of crime,
  • but can we tell a good baby from a bad baby
  • just by looking at it?
  • And to do so, we've enlisted the help of our friend Craig.
  • It's time to play...
  • Welcome to "Good baby, bad baby," baby.
  • You each have a baby battle paddle in front of you.
  • - Uh-huh. - I'm gonna show you a picture of a baby
  • or young child and you each have to guess
  • if that tot grew up to be a celebrity we know and love,
  • or someone less lovable, say, like,
  • - a murderer. - Oh.
  • Whoever guesses
  • the most babies correctly,
  • will get a good binky dipped in sugar.
  • And whoever loses gets a bad binky dipped in malic acid,
  • which, I've been told, is disgusting.
  • It is, we've had it before,
  • but not in binky form.
  • Right on.
  • You guys ready to play?
  • - No. Yes. - Yo-- Yes.
  • Excellent!
  • Is this a good baby
  • or a bad baby?
  • Link: There's a football, but then there's--
  • what is that on the left side? Some sort of a scepter?
  • I think it-- I think that is not from the original scene.
  • It looks like it's in some sort of scrapbook.
  • - Link: Scrapbook situation. - So I'm gonna say that,
  • if you got a mom who's willing to do a scrapbook of you,
  • it probably means she's, like,
  • really investing in you,
  • less likely that things would go awry.
  • - So you're saying good baby? - Yeah, I'm saying good baby.
  • I am not copying you,
  • but, Craig, I'm also saying good baby because
  • I know who this baby is.
  • - Do you? - Good baby.
  • Who do you think it is?
  • That is Russell Wilson.
  • - Craig: Whoa! - ( laughter )
  • Fantastic.
  • All right, it is a good baby.
  • Ding, ding, you both got that.
  • - Rhett: It's the Rock. - Craig: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.
  • Link: It's Rock Johnson.
  • Can you smell what The Rock is pooping?
  • - Hello! - ( laughter )
  • - Ah! - That is...
  • Alrighty, then.
  • Is this a good baby
  • or a bad baby?
  • Rhett and Link: Ooh!
  • - Rhett: Yeah, yeah, yeah... - Link: Something...
  • - He is having a bad baby day. - Certainly is.
  • Rhett: It looks like he's witnessing something
  • that is polluting his mind,
  • you know what I mean?
  • He's watching our show on the internet.
  • - Looks like he's pooping. - Link: Through his chest, yeah.
  • - What is that? - Rhett: Yeah, they didn't clean him.
  • Parents didn't clean him, they got poop on his chest.
  • You keep pulling on what this says about the parents.
  • - I get it. - Nature, nurture, man.
  • - I'm going with the nurture side. - Serial killing
  • is in the D and the N and in the A.
  • Uh-oh.
  • You gonna copy me again?
  • I'm not gonna copy you.
  • I also think this is Russell Wilson.
  • ( laughter )
  • So we got a bad baby over here,
  • we got good baby over here.
  • This is a good baby.
  • It is Ashton Kutcher.
  • - Rhett: Oh! - Link: I can see it!
  • The moment you said "Ashton"
  • I was like, "Yes, that's him."
  • I thought it was just a current photo of Sean Spicer.
  • - Oh! - ( laughter )
  • All right, round three.
  • Is this a good baby or a bad baby?
  • Link: Ooh, that is a bad haircut. What is happening?
  • Rhett: The fact that-- either those are, like,
  • ghosts around him,
  • or they're parents that did not want to be revealed,
  • which would make sense if it was a bad baby.
  • - Craig: Oh, wow. - Plus, I'm playing the whole,
  • like, bad student game where, if there's two good babies in a row,
  • you know you got to get a bad baby on the third one.
  • Mm-hmm.
  • So I'm going bad baby.
  • Rhett says bad baby.
  • What about you, Link?
  • It's definitely a bad baby.
  • - Wow! - Look deep into those eyes.
  • And there's a flower involved.
  • - Yup. - Mm.
  • This is a bad baby!
  • This is domestic terrorist Ted Kaczynski,
  • AKA the Unabomber.
  • - Oh, wow. - Yeah.
  • He was wearing Osh Kosh Ba-boom!
  • ( laughter )
  • What? Yeah.
  • Here we go.
  • Is this a good baby or a bad baby?
  • Link: Aw!
  • Rhett: Oh, this is tricky.
  • Those eyes look a little sadistic, though,
  • - don't you think? - Link: Yeah, staring into my soul.
  • And, again, I gotta go with the parents,
  • I mean, the parent let him just grow his hair out,
  • let him do whatever he wants to, he's got no restrictions.
  • - Hmm. - Free to express himself
  • and all the evil ways that are within his soul.
  • - Mm-hmm. - And it's like wherever you go, he follows you.
  • Yep. He is looking.
  • Well, Craig, that's true of all pictures.
  • Touché.
  • But you know what? I'm going against instinct,
  • - I'm going good baby. - Mm-mm.
  • No baby with long sleeves and shorts
  • turns out good.
  • This is a bad baby.
  • I gotta tell you, it is actually
  • - a good baby. - Yes!
  • This is actor Zac Efron.
  • Rhett: Mm-hmm. Yep.
  • By the way, those overalls
  • are hiding his ripped abs.
  • His ripped baby abs.
  • - I've seen those. - Baby abs.
  • Here we go, is this a good baby or a bad baby?
  • Link: That gum line is creeping me out!
  • ( laughter )
  • See, the more you stare at someone
  • staring at you in photo form...
  • Makes you feel a little creepy, doesn't it?
  • It really-- kids looking at you
  • is just creepy in general.
  • Yeah, all you need is a...
  • ( high-pitched ) ♪ Mary had a little lamb
  • - ( laughter ) - Link: Slow zoom?
  • I didn't need that, actually.
  • I didn't need that to know this is a bad baby.
  • Oh, it is a bad baby.
  • You're not taking the lead on me.
  • Mm! It is a bad baby.
  • This is serial killer Aileen Wuornos.
  • - Link: Ooh! - You might know her because
  • Charlize Theron won an Oscar
  • for getting ugly to play her in "Monster."
  • The real bad baby is the one that gave her that haircut.
  • - Ho! - ( laughter )
  • Do your thing, girl. All right.
  • - ( Rhett sighs ) - Round six.
  • Is this a good baby or a bad baby?
  • Rhett: Oh, it's a surprised baby.
  • Link: Oh, my goodness, that baby's all eyes.
  • And nostrils.
  • Rhett: Looks like a gecko.
  • ( sputters, laughs )
  • Hey, what if this turned out to be, like, your dad or something?
  • Oh, it's not.
  • It's not. I can tell you that confidently.
  • Look at that sweater. Come on.
  • Link: I can't un-see the gecko.
  • ( crew laughter )
  • There's a cuteness that
  • I just-- doesn't translate into murder for me.
  • This is a good baby.
  • 'Cause I'm trying to see if--
  • I'm trying to see a celebrity in there,
  • like somebody we would know.
  • - Ten seconds, Rhett! - Bad baby.
  • - Bad baby. - ( laughs )
  • This is a good baby! This is John Travolta!
  • - Oh! - That's right.
  • Or is it a baby who switched faces with Nicholas Cage?
  • - What? - ( laughter )
  • Round seven, here we go.
  • This is our final baby.
  • - Tell me, is this a good baby... - Link: Now, hold on.
  • - Am I winning? - ( laughter )
  • Yeah, you're up, five to four.
  • - Yeah, you're winning. - Mm-hmm.
  • - So-- - So...
  • So, yeah, if you get this correct,
  • you will win.
  • The sugar binky.
  • But if you get it wrong
  • and then Rhett gets it correct,
  • you will tie and we will have to do a baby-off.
  • Which I just made up.
  • - I don't even know... - ( laughter )
  • Baby-off.
  • All right, I'll just beat him. It's fine. Okay.
  • - I heard that. - Link: All right.
  • - Mm. - All right, so this is our final baby.
  • Tell me, is this a good baby or a bad baby?
  • Rhett: I think I know who this is.
  • And that really confuses my answer.
  • But you know a lot of serial killers.
  • ( chuckling ) What a...
  • - Link: Murderers? - great statement you just made.
  • I can't wait till people see it and then...
  • they'll laugh later, but that was awesome.
  • Yeah, I'm pretty sure I know who this is and...
  • my assessment of her is that she's a bad baby.
  • Craig: Mm.
  • All I gotta do is match you, and I know I win.
  • - ( laughter ) - That's what happens when you go first.
  • You should do that, Link, yeah.
  • Yeah, don't, for the sake of individuality, switch because...
  • - Well, here we go. - But there's no way this is a bad baby,
  • so I'm going for the gusto.
  • - Yowza-reeno. - I say good baby.
  • This is a bad baby.
  • - This is Tila Tequila. - Rhett: Yes, I knew it was her.
  • Yeah, she said she's into Hitler.
  • - Really? - So that means I'm right,
  • but that means we freakin' tie.
  • - How are we gonna have a baby-off? - Baby-off!
  • I think we just both have to eat the acid binky.
  • Oh, gosh.
  • Do you want to eat the acid?
  • ( laughter )
  • Guess we gotta eat the acid!
  • All right.
  • - I think so. - Rhett: Okay, here we go.
  • Two bad binkies coming in.
  • - ( Craig groaning ) - Mm!
  • Mm!
  • ( high-pitched voice) Mama!
  • Mm!
  • Nah!
  • - Oh! - You want the rest of it?
  • You good. I'm good.
  • - Oh, my gosh. - Ah!
  • Oh, man, that's gonna be a good gif.
  • ( laughter )
  • And that does it for this week's show.
  • We'll see you next time on "Good baby, bad baby."
  • - There's gonna be a next time? - Oh, you better believe it.
  • Great, we'd love to have you back.
  • Check out Craig's new show "Ghosted,"
  • Sunday nights on FOX,
  • and go see "Tragedy Girls,"
  • an awesome new horror-comedy film
  • that Craig co-stars in and also produced.
  • Mm-hmm. Click on through to the next video because
  • we're gonna speak Google with Craig.
  • We have a podcast called "Ear Biscuits,"
  • and you can listen to the latest episode
  • wherever you get your podcasts.
  • Do it.

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