Is Pokimane Asian? I take a DNA test!

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Is Pokimane Asian? I take a DNA test!
Is Pokimane Asian? I take a DNA test! thumb Is Pokimane Asian? I take a DNA test! thumb Is Pokimane Asian? I take a DNA test! thumb


  • today I'm doing something that I've
  • wanted to do for a really really long
  • time which is take a DNA test and see my
  • results I adopt okay that's actually
  • true the result we detect a trace of the
  • following populations in your DNA
  • broadly that's so cool
  • what the heck this is future pokey
  • clipping back into old pokey I'm here
  • just let you know that please if you
  • like these IRL videos leave a like so
  • that I know that you guys want more of
  • these and so that I set aside more time
  • to film them for y'all that's all yay
  • [Applause]
  • hello everyone welcome back to another
  • IRL video okay today I'm doing something
  • that I've wanted to do for a really
  • really really really long time actually
  • so long which is take a DNA test I
  • already took it and see my results am i
  • adopted hey me I wanted to do this for
  • so long but that in the last house that
  • I lived at I don't think I've ever told
  • the story
  • I took the DNA test I set my saliva to
  • these random people but I forgot to save
  • the barcode so that I could receive the
  • results later on but this time we did it
  • and we did it properly I actually have
  • stuff to show you I'm so excited also
  • throughout like the whole time that I've
  • been a content creator I think it's one
  • of my most frequently asked questions
  • not even questions most frequently
  • assumed to things
  • my Fats office basically everybody
  • thinks I'm Asian which is like totally
  • fine but I'm actually not from what my
  • parents have told me I'm a hundred
  • percent Moroccan from what I know and I
  • say this because there's like this small
  • thought in the back of my mind that's
  • like like you never know right I don't
  • have a ton of pictures from Morocco but
  • I have some and they're so cute like me
  • and my brother and we're wearing like
  • Moroccan clothing it's really adorable
  • this one's definitely mean Morocco can
  • tell by its like the walls if you guys
  • can see I have really curly natural like
  • naturally really curly hair so it is way
  • more like typical African hair than it
  • is Asian hair so I've never had any
  • doubt in my mind that I don't know so
  • many people think I'm Asian that I have
  • almost convinced there's got to be some
  • some ancestry best from an Asian region
  • and you know what else is really sketchy
  • both of my parents have black hair it
  • ain't black it ain't black mom and dad
  • I'm onto you
  • show my real parents if I was gonna say
  • like if I was to guess what I am I think
  • you would give me some combination of
  • like
  • African Arab descent with maybe a hint
  • of Asian like 20% I don't know just
  • guessing
  • oh I'm freaking hype let's get into it
  • but before that I think I'm gonna call
  • my parents my mom leaving me on run
  • Sally hello Sava yeah it was nasty to uh
  • see they apply poop in his own
  • so today Jay pre test the DNA to come
  • [Laughter]
  • could you just say that your mom is
  • Japanese or something but okay shape um
  • I haven't seen the results yet shape a
  • legality okay sister usually Shuster
  • dimande just go to France kiss as idea
  • what do you think it's gonna say I'm
  • just curious
  • I need a know if I'm adopted mama if I'm
  • a doctor just tell me now
  • like enough for prayers it's cool
  • why mom said it's okay for me to be
  • adopted whatever okay way to happily up
  • quickish like out that many sister okay
  • I'll call you after okay see you soon
  • yeah visa my mom's a big meemers so it's
  • like if I'm adopted you can tell me now
  • and she's like if you're adopted it's
  • cool like thank you enjoying the family
  • let's find out what my results are I
  • believe I use 23andme not sponsored
  • don't clone me no but actually I used my
  • results under a different name it's like
  • you're giving your DNA to some random
  • company to just own for themselves and
  • do whatever they want 30 years from now
  • when clothing is finally perfected and
  • they can use all this information to
  • clone whoever they want however they
  • want then you gonna care okay and then
  • you all go back to my charity abroad
  • pokey you was right all along
  • let's let's find out what I'm okay
  • so what bitcoin looks so nice honestly
  • he looks so suss right now like he's
  • giving me the you're adopted look and
  • it's freaking me out okay that's
  • actually capsule the results doctor Dom
  • opening the table really
  • oh my god okay
  • I think Yvonne axe right okay sorry I'm
  • looking at it dude this is so spot-on
  • that's freaky I'm 85% North African and
  • Arabian which life yeah yeah
  • guess I'm not adopted I'm 85% North
  • African and Arabian nice and it says
  • like Wow
  • it says Morocco I'm kind of spooked
  • because it says we predict you at
  • ancestors in Casablanca
  • TZ Algeria and Algeria I fee I don't
  • feel like there's Algerians on my family
  • but who knows 0.5% Western Asian so
  • Western Asian it said from the Caucasus
  • to Iran Western Asia an important is an
  • important crossroads in the human
  • migration Out of Africa and the genetics
  • of this region reflects that role so
  • it's really all still related to North
  • Africa 1% broadly Western Asian and
  • North Africa what does this mean but
  • like sorta agent yo I've 1.6 1.5 percent
  • Asian literally everything just says
  • actually Moroccan whether this is the
  • part I'm actually curious about 10
  • percent European wish we're specifically
  • southern European so
  • Spanish and Portuguese that's so cool
  • what the heck yeah that's like a decent
  • bitch you know who I want to know what
  • who in my family who is Portuguese where
  • I didn't know Spanish and Portuguese
  • that's so cool and I've always wanted to
  • learn Spanish sorry did I don't know how
  • to pronounce that
  • and broadly southern European I do love
  • pizza and pasta but then again I love
  • anything that has carbs that 3%
  • justifies me eating spaghetti every day
  • for the rest of my life and then I'm
  • sub-saharan African 2.3% I am mostly
  • mostly mostly North African oh my god
  • our % Sudanese dough we detect a trace
  • of the following populations in your DNA
  • broadly broadly Chinese and Southeast
  • Asian 0.1% yeah there's more there's
  • more about wait there's more
  • oh so there was someone that was Spanish
  • and Portuguese and Western Asian and
  • keep wanting to say click on these but
  • that was all like 1800s my parents are
  • gonna remember those you most likely had
  • a parent or grandparent who was 100%
  • North Africa
  • yeah oh my parents didn't lie to me I
  • love them honestly even if they lied to
  • me like I would still love them
  • wow that freak cool I'm pretty glad I
  • did this I mean not that I was like
  • super I'm sure oh yeah let me call my
  • mom daddy I know okay don't treat I am
  • 85% North African so yeah you're my real
  • parent congratulations - what a day
  • innate like to drop you have to spit in
  • a cup a test on DNA
  • don't cry Street cats on a blank box ah
  • North African this book's all European
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • happy you're my real peridot did but it
  • would have been okay if I was adopted to
  • make a new skin makes you say tunisia
  • own name in post-katrina cheek
  • Oh bleep Nevada in this chose industry
  • Joker la maison say like in ashram
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • anyways merci beaucoup momentum that
  • came by by you so that's basically
  • honestly part of me was like maybe I'm a
  • little but like legit shown many people
  • have told me you're Asian you're Asian
  • so it's just like an idea that has been
  • like implanted in my mind my whole not
  • my whole life but for many many years so
  • like maybe I am like 20% it's some sort
  • of Asian turns out it's mostly European
  • and North African the 8% Spanish and
  • Portuguese what I think
  • that's dope though I thought you knew
  • this whole time that I was adopted you
  • were like holding off for the best video
  • I don't care my mom doesn't care I'm
  • adopted that's all for today's video
  • this is super super super fun really
  • glad that we finally got to do it
  • something I've been wanting to do for a
  • long time and something that I think a
  • lot of you are very curious about as
  • well I just want to end it off on a note
  • of saying it doesn't even really matter
  • where you're from
  • whether you're adopted or not all that
  • matters is whether you're a good person
  • whether you treat others with respect
  • just like my mummy said on the call yeah
  • thank you guys so much for watching I
  • appreciate y'all please please this
  • isn't some random cheb black and comment
  • but like do that stuff I really want to
  • know what kind of video you guys want to
  • see from me next time these are all
  • videos are really really fun they're
  • like a break from my regular stream
  • content I enjoy them a ton especially if
  • I have an idea that I really really want
  • to do it just motivates me that much
  • more to sit and film for y'all so please
  • let me know and enjoy the rest of your
  • day my week evening whatever scene
  • [Music]
  • when it comes to me
  • [Music]

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