Is Australia OP?

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07:04   |   Dec 25, 2017


Is Australia OP?
Is Australia OP? thumb Is Australia OP? thumb Is Australia OP? thumb


Everyone knows how OP the Australia server is. Or is it?

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And now for a YouTube Christmas story:
Last year, long before I started this channel, I was trying to figure out what to get my brothers for christmas. We're all big into super smash bros, and they love the channel Beefy Smash Doods. So I messaged them on twitter asking how much I'd need to pay them if I wanted them to play smash bros against my brothers over wifi. To my surprise, not only did they respond, but they said "no charge, Merry Christmas!"
They proceeded to invite me to their discord chat, we set up a time, and my brothers told me it was one of the coolest christmas presents they'd ever received. BSD did this out of the goodness of their hearts with absolutely no expectation of being repaid, so I wanted to give them a shoutout here. Youtube has seen some pretty tough and controversial moments in 2017, but the fact remains that the *community* of youtubers is comprised of some of the nicest, most genuine humans on the planet.
So, thank you BSD, thank you Youtube Community, and thanks for reading! Here's their channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeCEq4Sz1nNK4wn3Z4Ozk2w

Oh, also, I made a shirt! https://represent.com/tierzoo